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Gallery Nights: The Best Way to Experience the Scene in Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | April 16, 2015 7:43pm


Tonight marks the return of one of Buenos Aires’ most venerated art traditions, the annual ‘Gallery Nights. Over 40 galleries throughout the capital, across Retiro, Recoleta and Barrio Norte, will open their guarded doors and welcome the public for free.

This year commemorates the 14th anniversary of Gallery Nights, which began in 2001 as an initiative by the magazine Arte al Día. The festival seeks to bring attention to local talent and make the local art scene more accessible to the public – beyond the beau monde of the porteño cultural elite.

Certainly not to be missed, several galleries will hold hotly anticipated exhibitions displaying works by some of Argentina’s most illustrious artists, both alive and deceased. The Rolf Art Gallery (Posadas 1583) will display a series of photographs by noted photographer and photojournalist Adriana Lestido. While Lestido is perhaps most known for her photobooks grappling with women’s issues, this exhibition, aptly titled “México,” is to feature photographs dedicated to the varied landscapes of Mexico. The exhibition is said to explore both man’s and nature’s effects on these historically fertile lands.

In perhaps the most significant exhibition, the disparate artworks of eminent Argentine artists, including those of Antonio Berni and Roberto Aizenberg, are to be joined for a show entitled “El Oficio de una Idea,” or “The Job of an Idea” in the Aldo de Sousa Gallery (Arroyo 858). The exhibition will demonstrate both the aesthetic beauty of art and the beauty of the art-making process – of the studied patience and refined skills needed to create such potent imagery. While Antonio Berni was known for starkly depicting poverty and the unpleasant effects of industrialization, Roberto Aizenberg, with an eye for architecture, often surreally depicted deserted towns and uninhabited, derelict buildings. Their noted process of utilizing unique and contrasting textures and color situates the collection perfectly within the gallery’s theme.

So that visitors can travel with ease between the many hosting spaces, Gallery Nights will offer a complimentary transport service. For more information on this service along with other details, consult the official website:

If, for whatever reason, you are otherwise occupied during this fine-arts fête, rest assured! There will be a second circuit held on May 9th starting at 11 a.m in galleries across Villa Crespo and Palermo.

This article has been edit to reflect the correct scheduling information for both the April and May Gallery Nights events.