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G20: World Leaders Issue Final Communique, with US Still Rejecting Paris Agreement

The United States continues to disagree on climate change.

By | [email protected] | December 1, 2018 3:46pm

macriPresident Mauricio Macri addresses the press corps in Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires. (Photo via Infobae)

After much uncertainty over whether the G20 Leaders Summit would be able to produce a final communique in which the participating countries managed to reach a consensus, President Mauricio Macri proudly announced that the goal had been met.

In a document with 31 sections, the communique makes strong emphasis on trade reform, energy transition and climate change.

The release also leaves out a reference to protectionism for the first time, adding that the current global trading system is flawed and that the WTO needs reform.

On the issue of refugees, the statement says they are “a global concern with humanitarian, political, social and economic consequences” and emphasizes “the importance of shared actions to address the root causes of displacement and to respond to growing humanitarian needs.”

Regarding climate change, while the communique reaffirms the countries’ commitment to sustainable development and the “irreversible” implementation of the Paris agreement, there is a special section for the US, in which the Trump administration reiterates its decision to withdraw from the deal, similar to what happened last year. The United States remains the only participating country not to sign the statement.

You can download the final communique in PDF form here.