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G20: VP Michetti Was Late to Greet French President Macron, and Twitter is Having a Field Day

He ended up shaking hands with two airport workers.

By | [email protected] | November 29, 2018 12:56pm

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.59.00 AM(Photo via Infobae)

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron arrived in Buenos Aires on Wednesday night ahead of the G20 Summit without much pomp and circumstance.

That is, there was no Argentine delegation waiting to greet them. President Macron made his way down the red carpet and stopped to greet two airport workers who comprised his makeshift guard of honor. Only when they were about to leave, Argentine officials led by Vice President Gabriela Michetti arrived to greet them. TV cameras captured the entire scene and well, Twitter is having an absolute field day.

“I’m overwhelmed with love for the florescent signalman that worked out that: if nobody is there to greet him, I must assume the role of the representation of the REPUBLIC OF ARGENTINA and it is my duty to greet, on behalf of the nation, the dignitary who has come to visit us, legally it is called ‘Business Management,'” said one Twitter user after the incident occurred.

Many on the internet were also quick to point out the irony that a person wearing a yellow vest was the first person to shake Macron’s hand in Argentine soil.  Recently, mass protests have spread throughout France regarding the government’s intention to impose a tax on fossil fuels, and these protesters identify themselves with, you guessed it, yellow vests.

“I think it’s wonderful that @EmmanuelMacron was received by a ‘yellow jacket,’ there is absolutely nothing left to break,” wrote journalist Ivan Schargrodsky.

Moreover, the cameras also captured the moment in which VP Michetti was talking with Brigitte Macron in what many considered to be precarious French. And since Twitter is Twitter, the snarky memes and comments did not take long to flood the social media.

Michetti placed the blame on the officials in charge of the protocol, saying: “We had to wait for them to tell us ‘now!’ to go to the red carpet to receive them. It was all timed, theoretically. But when they said ‘now’ they were getting into the car.”

However, once the meme wheel gets in motion, there is no way to stop it.