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Amidst Campaign Funds Scandal, Frigerio Says “We Won’t Cover Up For Anybody”

By | [email protected] | July 19, 2018 3:32pm

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Amidst a scandal that broke in June regarding alleged money laundering by the Cambiemos coalition during the 2017 Buenos Aires midterm campaigns, the Minister of the Interior, Rogelio Frigerio, said today that the coalition will not be covering up for anyone in the face of these allegations.

Yesterday, the Buenos Aires Province Governor María Eugenia Vidal fired María Fernanda Inza, the Accountant General of the province. As treasurer, Inza had been responsible for the Cambiemos campaign funds during the Buenos Aires midterms. Vidal also announced that she had ordered an audit on campaign contributions.

Frigerio also insisted that Congress will work to pass a campaign financing bill into law; it will strive to make the entire process more transparent and keep everyone involved accountable.

“The Justice has to take action. Yesterday, the Governor of the province of Buenos Aires was very clear,” emphasized Frigerio during an interview with Radio Mitre, referring to Vida’s firing of Inza. “We are not going to cover up for anyone.”

Meanwhile, President Mauricio Macri has also spoken out about the judicial investigation on Cambiemos’ alleged money laundering. Macri affirmed Vidal and Frigerio’s sentiments of transparency and accountability, and asked Argentines who are following the scandal for “time and patience.”


Frigerio and Macri, via Baires Para Todos

“Judge Casanello will investigate and we will see what happens. We have to transition to a more transparent [campaign financing system], one which will monitor exactly who is donating and how much through a straightforward, unambiguous system of bank transfers,” Macri stated during a press conference in Olivos.

When asked about the President’s comments, Frigerio expressed his agreement, emphasizing that the new campaign financing bill that the executive is planning to send to congress will help accomplish Macri’s stated goals on campaign financing transparency.

“It’s meant to prevent these types of problems in the future, and make sure that all campaign finances will be handled through accountable bank transfers to erase the possibility of money laundering,” Frigero stated.