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Free Movies in the Palermo Rosedal Autocine

By | [email protected] | January 16, 2015 11:01am

They even have popcorn!

They even have popcorn!

Stuck in Buenos Aires this January and at loss at what to do over the weekend? Never fear!

Verano en la Ciudad has returned with the Autocine in Palermo’s Rosedal, every weekend this month. For a grand total of zero pesos you can grab your car / blankets / lover and maybe even some friends to go watch a movie under the stars.

Agenda Cultural may be responsible for the disastrous Buenos Aires Playas in Nuñez and Villa Soldati, but here I can promise you there is a zero sunburn risk, no sand, and the night air offering you a sustainable alternative to air conditioning.

Last weekend saw 3000 movie buffs gathering in the rose garden to watch the smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy. Missed it? All is not lost. Autocine will be showing a total of 7 films both of local and international renown. Here’s the schedule:

January, Saturday 17th, 9 PM: Los Dueños
January, Sunday 18th, 9 PM: Nebraska
January, Saturday 24th, 9 PM: Jersey Boys
January, Sunday 25th, 9 PM: 22 Jump Street
January, Saturday 31st, 9 PM: Begin Again
February, Sunday 1st, 9 PM: Unknown. It’s supposed to be a “surprise”.

If that last one doesn’t tempt you I don’t know what will.

The Rosedal can be found on Av. del Libertador and Av. Sarmiento, in Palermo. Cars are not a requirement: just bring some wine or snacks (ideally both) and plop yourself on the grass.

If this isn’t enough for you, Verano en la Ciudad has also released a very upbeat promo video showing off what the experience is like.

The City’s Ministry of Culture is offering a load of open air events across the different districts of Buenos Aires: check it out for rock, tango, folklore, children’s shows etc. The best part? It’s all free!

I’ll take it.