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Mauricio Macri’s Father Hospitalized After Falling, Breaking Hip

By | [email protected] | February 5, 2018 11:44am


President Mauricio Macri’s father, Francisco Macri, broke his hip after falling in his home this weekend. He was quickly found and taken to the Hospital Italiano.

Aside from being the president’s father, Francisco Macri, 87, is a prominent businessman head of the Macri-SOCMA Group (a group formed by different businesses related to, for example, construction and automobile industry, among other areas) and will be operated on today, a source close to the Macri family told Infobae.

After the accident, Mariano Macri, the president’s brother, returned from Punta del Este to visit his father. It is expected that the president will visit the hospital soon, too.

In the past few years, Francisco Macri has concentrated his efforts in promoting the business relationships between Latin American countries and China. Macri Group S.A. has offices in both Argentina and Beijing.

President Mauricio Macri

President Mauricio Macri’s father, Franco Macri, was taken to the Hospital Italiano after a fall that caused his hip to break.