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Food Trucks May Finally Be Coming to Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | March 5, 2015 1:27pm


Buenos Aires is typically quite hip to global food trends, but many here are often perplexed by the lack of a substantial food truck scene.

At present, food trucks are banned from operating in public spaces to the exception of special events, festivals and closed spaces. Trucks are only permitted to sell candy and food that has been packaged at the source. Lame, right?

That could all change soon. According to an article released by Clarín, Mayor Macri is fighting to get food trucks wheeling through the city. Macri is reportedly seeking to overturn such restrictions in order to habilitate a more food-truck-friendly city. This could mean that artisanal Thai-inspired tacos and pork belly shawarma might soon give our beloved choripán stands a literal run for their money.


As news is still a bit premature, much of Macri’s plans remain in the dark. For example, will food trucks be allowed to operate citywide or will they be restricted to designated zones? Will they be hawking actual food or continuing to ration us stock alfajores? A proposed licensure fee, $1,115 pesos a month per truck, does give the plan a little more credibility though.

Perhaps we can get our hopes up just a little. I, for one, am sorely missing my Saturday-night shawarma and will stand behind our mayor until I see that he gets me one!