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Hot Christmas. Cold food — what’s with that cold veal and mayo dish? Add to that an almost empty city. The holidays in Buenos Aires are weird (for people from northern hemisphere at least), and it is notoriously difficult to

We’ve finally arrived at appropriate weekend length! Anyone who understands that recreation and rest are the pillars of a well-lived life, totally get that having four entire days off is the only way to take advantage of what this city …

Nine months, thirty five articles, forty six restaurants and another inch around my waist. When we started The Clean Plate I was feeling reluctant. Is there really enough good food in Buenos Aires to fill up an in-depth weekly column?

Music is the name of the game this weekend, and this city is coming at you with options galore. Whether you’re looking to dance to it, make it your career, or just sit for awhile and listen, there is no

Wine enthusiasts, rejoice! The first ever Argentina-based Uruguayan Wine Fair is taking place this Thursday, December 1st, at the Brick Hotel Buenos Aires in Recoleta. Over 15 wineries will be offering samples of more than 100 labels alongside Uruguayan gourmet …

Good news food lovers! Now you don’t have to wait for the weekend to attend a food festival and grab a bite to eat from a food truck. On the rise for almost a year now, these restaurants-on-wheels have become …

This is it. The most magical weekend of the year. Ok, yes. Christmas is pure magic, joy, and food coma heaven, but hear us out: We have arrived at the junction of the great tradition of celebrating the humble turkey

This weekend, the City is rolling out two sets of gastronomic options to help people celebrate Argentina’s Italian and Spanish roots. What better way than with some carbs food?

Italian cuisine | Usina del Arte | Friday, from 4 PM

If kofte is on the menu, I’m ordering it. On a pilgrimage to find the perfect one, I’ve swallowed my fear of offending and saddled up to the bar of nearly every Middle Eastern restaurant I’ve eaten at to ask

Nikkei Cuisine has slowly been taking over Buenos Aires in recent years. Unsurprisingly, it has also been spreading like wildfire throughout the rest of the continent. If you look at Latin America’s latest ’50 Best’ listing, you’ll find that Mitsuharu