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For centuries, Middle Eastern cuisine has been hailed as some of the richest and healthiest the world over. The flavors are indisputably delicious, and the health benefits of ingredients such as fiber-rich chickpeas, eggplants, and an array of herbs and

Hooray! It’s that time of week again when we all mentally check out of work and start planning what we’ll be doing with our days of freedom. With an extra day off in honor of the Día del Respeto a

Today (October 11th) marks the annual worldwide celebration of something that makes all our lives a little sweeter here in Argentina: dulce de leche. What better way to honor such a special occurrence than by eating (and drinking) everything …

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful season in Buenos Aires. The sunshine is beginning to warm up and there are still a few months to go before the miserably sticky heat of midsummer. It’s time to make the most of

On the whole, out here in Buenos Aires it doesn’t take a lot of research to find restaurants serving cuisine from all parts of the world. Whether you’re wanting a shawarma, develop a sudden craving for dim sum, or fancy

After a tempestuous turn of the weather last weekend, the skies have cleared and we might just be able to make it past the front door this time around without getting caught up in some sort of apocalyptic storm. As

This past Sunday was the seventh edition of the Muza5k, the really bizarre event that combines eating pizza and walking nearly 70 blocks down Avenida Corrientes, and somehow makes it work. This year, it was massive, with over 1,500 …

Now that we’ve finally made it to the weekend, let’s first raise a glass to the fact that Argentina is still somehow functioning, an applause-worthy achievement when you think about it. This week’s paro general froze the country on Tuesday

The Bubble Bites is a series where we share a can’t-miss dish from our favorite spots around Buenos Aires.…

Masticar has come and gone but fear not, fellow gourmands, because Buenos Aires Food Week is just around the corner.

From October 1st through to the 14th, BA food week will be hosting its 12th edition, which will see 44