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There’s a New Food and Culture Hub Coming to Plaza Houssay

By | [email protected] | January 16, 2018 5:23pm


Feeling hungry and stuck for choices? Fear not. New constructions beginning today in the Barrio Norte area of Plaza Houssay are underway to provide you with yet more gourmet dining options.

To add to the obvious appeal of the words “gourmet dining”, the words “constructed outside of Palermo Soho” makes it sound even better and any excuse to venture outside of the usual cool kids district may sound good to many.

This new “food and culture” hub (or polo gastronómico cultural) will be located at Plaza Houssay, right on the square between the University of Buenos Aires’ Business and Medicine schools, and it’s looking to become a popular haunt for the many hungry students and professors passing through. In fact, close to 180,000 people pass through the plaza everyday, making Plaza Houssay a savvy choice on the footfall front.

What Plaza Houssay looks like now. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

How Plaza Houssay looks like now. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)


With plans and budget approved way back in May 2016the idea has generally well received although many are unsure about the privatization of what has until now been a public space (and although any kind of increase in food options seems like a good deal to me, they do have kind of a point there.)

We can also expect exciting cultural activities with the development of some kind of natural amphitheater right in the heart of the plaza. I’m not too sure what to visualize either, but it sounds pretty fancy, so we’re game.

The public bidding was won by development company Lamp Investments SA, which means that they will be in charge of developing (and have the rights to the so-called “urban campus” for twenty years) paying the lowly monthly fee of AR $400.000 (loose change, really). And it looks as though money will be spent: If the snazzy photos are anything to go by, the newly completed Plaza Houssay will look much better than it does now.


Let’s hope the plaza lives up to this swanky development photo. (Photo via La Nacion)


The whole space will be open air and just a few meters below ground allowing a whopping new space of 1900 m2 for anything deemed a restaurant, shop or cultural space. Hopefully, we can expect variety of choice and plenty of independent venues. It will also be connected to the subte’s D line and with a planned underground parking lot, the newly developed Plaza Houssay will be well connected to the rest of the city.

The snazzy new Plaza Houssay from the sky. Photo via ASN/nOISE

What the fancy new Plaza Houssay will allegedly look like from the sky. (Photo via ASN/NOISE)


Sources from the City’s Ministry of Modernization, Innovation and Technology confirmed that works are already in progress. Areas affected starting today cover the space between calle Junín, Paraguay and Avenida Cordoba. So unless you really are super curious to see what’s going on at the new polo, probably best to avoid the area for a while (or risk inhaling a mouthful of dust).

The area will certainly be a mess for the time being, but government officials say they hope that “in the long run, the whole surrounding area will benefit from the Plaza’s re-development.”

The plans hope to conserve the surrounding green areas while improving the accessibility via sidewalks. Since neighbors had previously expressed safety concerns over the darker areas within the Plaza zone they will also be adding street lamps, thus improving visibility and security. This development claims it will help solve many local issues so that the area becomes more attractive for both residents and visitors alike.

You will have to wait around eighteen months for this to be completed, so don’t get your hopes up for summer 2018. At leas we have something to look forward to.