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Fire Up Your Twitter Accounts, It’s #MuseumWeek!

By | [email protected] | April 23, 2018 4:14pm

Fire Up Your Twitter Accounts, It’s #MuseumWeek!

Step away from the memes, your Twitter feed is about to get a whole lot more cultural. From April 23 to 29, museums and galleries across the globe are taking part in #MuseumWeek 2018, the fifth edition of the worldwide initiative.

The event started in France and is co-organized by UNESCO, ultimately aiming to start an international conversation and sharing each country’s unique cultural and creative heritage. The idea is that cultural spaces, artists, and the general public tweet posts that respond to the daily theme; the @MuseumWeek account will then retweet the most original posts

This year’s theme is “Living Together, Citizenship and Tolerance,” celebrating how culture, art, science, and education actively contribute to the development of societies as they forge links between men and women and transcend borders. Within that overarching theme, each day has its own particular topic: #mujeresMW, #ciudadMW, #patrimonioMW, #profesionesMW, # niñosMW, #naturalezaMW and #differentMW.

Today’s theme is ‘Women,’ which is also the leitmotiv of the event. This is particularly important, not just in Argentina but around the world as women’s contributions to society are just as important as men’s, but they are rarely celebrated as they should be. So many realms, whether science, history, or art have traditionally been closed off to women; therefore, initiatives such as this are vital in celebrating their achievements. This is particularly true in the art world: while galleries are filled with depictions of the female form in all its guises, they are normally interpreted through a male gaze. Calling on museums to share work by women finally brings their achievements to the spotlight.

Buenos Aires’ museums are taking part in the worldwide celebration. From the MALBA to the Museo Udaondo to the Museo de Bellas Artes, make sure to follow their accounts and see what they’re posting. Even if you’ve been there before, this is an opportunity to view their collections in a whole new light.

Seven days, seven themes, seven hashtags: there’s a whole world at your fingertips.

The hashtags for this week are:

Monday, April 23: #womenMW

Tuesday, April 24: #cityMW

Wednesday, April 25: #heritageMW

Thursday, April 26: #professionsMW

Friday, April 27: #kidsMW

Saturday, April 28: #natureMW

Sunday, April 29: #differenceMW