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Finally, a Harlem Shake That Looks Awesome

By | [email protected] | April 9, 2013 4:44pm


I know,

The Harlem Shake is so March 2013. But I must admit this latest version created by the performers of the Uruguayan National Ballet (directed by Argentine legend Julio Bocca) looks pretty good.

According to Uruguay’s Official Broadcasting, Radiotelevision and Shows Communications Service (SODRE) the idea “just came to them” after one of their latest shows in Montevideo. Once the audience had vacated the theater, the more than 70 dancers decided to go nuts on stage and join the thousands of others who have danced to the hypnotic music while engaging in countless displays of tomfoolery.

It now has close to 60,000 views on YouTube.

And now that that’s done, let’s just agree to go out on a high note and never, ever do the Harlem Shake again. Seriously. It’s over.

(Story via Ambito/Screen grab via YouTube)