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Theater Takes Buenos Aires by Storm with FIBA 2019

The festival has been going strong since 1997.

By | [email protected] | January 14, 2019 3:56pm

the new colossusThe new Colossus (Photo via Festivales de Buenos Aires)

For the first time ever, the Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (FIBA), the city’s biggest theater festival, will take place during the summer. Beginning on January 23rd and running through February 3rd, the event will feature a wide array of performing arts from both the international and local circuits. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, January 15th and can be purchased online or in person at the Teatro San Martín, the Casa de la Cultura, the Centro Cultural Recoleta, the Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo and Teatro El Cubo. International shows are worth AR $280, while the national shows will be available for AR $120.

FIBA has, over the years, been able to host some of the biggest names in the world of performing arts from all around the world. Berliner Ensemble, el Piccolo de Milano, the Volksbühne… Those are just some of the famed theater companies that have been guests in the past eleven editions. But inflation and the overall state of the local economy has obviously taken a toll on culture, and the amount of international shows has dropped from 19 in 2017 to just nine this year (the overall total days of the festival has also gone down, from 17 to 12.)

Nevertheless, the international crop of talents is strong and is led by none other than Oscar-winning actor and director Tim Robbins, who will be opening the festival with his play The New Colossus, which will be performed at the Parque Centenario. In it, twelve refugees, speaking in twelve different languages, will tell the stories of their immigrant ancestors in a tale that speaks of persecution and striving for a better life.

Other invitees include Atlas des Kommunismus produced by the Maxim Gorki Theater of Berlin and written and directed by Argentina’s own Lola Arias; La desnudez from Spain and an Italian all-male version of Macbeth called Macbettu from Compagnia Teatropersona.

Macbettu (Photo via Festivales de Buenos Aires)

The void left by the international players has, fortunately, been filled by local artists and new and exciting activities such as Maratón Abasto, a two-day extravaganza in the famous barrio that will include everything from formal plays to street performances, as well as a free concert by Louta, one of the biggest names in the Buenos Aires music circuit at the moment. Another activity that will take place during this edition of FIBA will be the inclusion of Ciudanza, a dance and movement festival that used to take place on its own but now gets a rebirth from the 1st to the 3rd of February at Parque de la Estación, Parque Centenario, and Parque Chacabuco.

So get ready for several days of some of the best performance arts around. And be sure to get your tickets in advance because, if history has taught us anything, is that they sell out pretty quickly!

Louta (Photo via Festivales de Buenos Aires)