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Festival de Arte Queer: A Celebration of Human Rights

Fabulous festivities, culture, and activism at Villa Crespo's Casa Brandon.

By | [email protected] | December 5, 2018 11:09am


This week Casa Brandon will play host to a diverse mix of artists, musicians, intellectuals, and DJs from around the world at the Festival de Arte Queer in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And what better way to celebrate the fundamental right to equality, liberty, and dignity of all individuals (emphasis on that all) than with a program of film, art, dance, music, discussion, and of course a little drag-led karaoke?

The festivities will kick off at this unique venue in Villa Crespo on Wednesday, December 6th at 8 PM with a screening of the British short-film Fuck the Boxes, a comedic drama exploring non-binary relationships, and continue every evening through Sunday, December 9th. Throughout the festival, live bands and DJ sets will provide entertainment – check out the aforementioned karaoke on Friday – while a diverse offering of queer-themed poetry readings, short plays, and multiple film screenings offer a culture-packed few days.

Film highlights include Coby, a documentary screened at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival following a transgender man in small town America, and It Is Not the Pornographer that is Perverse from Canadian director Bruce La Bruce. Or if live drama is more up your alley, there’s a chance to see Agustina Muñoz’s Una Conversación Francesa, a dramatic piece recreating journalist John Gerassi’s 1975 interview with Simone de Beauvoir.

There will be free entry on Saturday, when the festival takes the celebration to the streets of Villa Crespo with a packed line-up of DJs, bands, and dance performances.  Argentine Gaby Bex is on at 6.30 PM with her poetry meets electro set, and then later at 11 PM Kumbia Queers, a tropical-punk band with a fast-growing fan base across Latin America, will be taking the stage. Meanwhile, Sunday provides a relaxing opportunity to nurse any lingering hangovers while listening to a series of lectures and discussions from activists and academics in Buenos Aires.

In particular, for an educational end to your weekend, a panel at 8 PM on Sunday – including director of philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires Diana Maffia, feminist journalist Estefanía Pozzo and trans-activist Estefanía Pozzo – will be discussing “human rights and the LGBTIQ movement in Argentina: past and future perspectives on art and activism.”

As much as this is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, Casa Brandon is equally dedicated to educating and fighting for continued acceptance of legal rights for the queer community. Since opening this intimate and eclectic venue 13 years ago in a former party hall, it has established itself as a safe space in Buenos Aires for LGBTIQ artists to express themselves and create works that challenge norms and sparks conversation. The festival therefore points an important spotlight on their work and provides a joyous opportunity to support and celebrate the local Buenos Aires Queer community.

Also, guys, did I mention there’s karaoke?

For more information and the full program, check out the festival website.

Casa Brandon | Luis Maria Dragó 236 | Tickets AR $120 | Free entry on Saturday 8th