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FESTIN: Blending Film Screenings and Gourmet Dinners

The event is hosted at Anselmo in San Telmo.

By | [email protected] | June 6, 2019 12:54pm


Batman and Robin, Thelma and Louise, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid… Sure, all of those are solid, historically ideal partnerships. But we all know which one is the granddaddy of them all: Dinner and a movie. That’s right, ever since the good ol’ days of our forefathers, this has been the go-to “night out,” an exceptional combination that nurtures both the tummy and the mind.

So it’s no surprise that the nice people at FESTIN have decided to take this concept to an exciting new level, launching a monthly event that offers world-class cinema and gourmet dining in one breathtaking location in the heart of historic San Telmo: Anselmo Buenos Aires – Curio Collection by Hilton. The official launch was this Tuesday and is only the first of a series of screenings that are sure to make a buzz in the busy Buenos Aires nightlife.

FESTIN’s first event (Photo courtesy of FESTIN)

The first edition of FESTIN focused on Japanese culture and featured a couple of heavyweights from the film and culinary worlds. The opening flick was none other than Cannes Palm d’Or winner Shoplifterswhich tells the story of a family that stumbles upon a small girl in the middle of the night and decides to shelter her. Although the family is poor and barely earns enough money to survive through petty crimes, they seem to live happily together, until an unforeseen accident reveals secrets that test the ties. Food duties were performed by Sergio Asato, the man behind Social Suchi Izakaya in Belgrano, who delighted attendees with his unique proposal inspired by the typical street food of Japan.

The next event will be taking place on July 16th in the same breathtaking space of Anselmo Buenos Aires, with a French-inspired night that includes a screening of Marie Antoinette, the 2006 film by Sofia Coppola. The culinary aspect has not yet been assigned but it’s safe to say that, after a night like Tuesday’s, the people of FESTIN are sure to rise to the occasion once again. I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but I can’t wait to see what these folks have in store for themed nights focusing on the likes of Italy, South Korea, Iran and other powerhouses of the food and film industries alike.

To keep up to date with FESTIN and the upcoming events, follow them on Instagram.

The inaugural event of FESTIN (Photo courtesy of FESTIN)

The inaugural event of FESTIN (Photo courtesy of FESTIN)

The inaugural event of FESTIN (Photo courtesy of FESTIN)