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The ‘Exigí Buen Café’ Coffee Fair is Back and Better than Ever

The event will host workshops from Argentina's best baristas.

By | [email protected] | August 23, 2018 9:00am

(Photo via Chevanon Photography )

Do you feel like slightly like a zombie without your first cup of java in the morning? If you are anything like us at The Bubble, coffee is more than just a social drink to have with a friend. It’s your emergency energy supply, your early morning wake-up foghorn, and most importantly, it tastes like liquid heaven.

Luckily, Exigí Buen Café has set up the sixth edition of their coffee fair for this coming Monday, August 27th at the swanky Four Seasons hotel so you can get your complete caffeine fix for at least the following week. This coffee fair trumps any food market, as it doesn’t just supply free coffee (win!) but they also organize a whole network of charlas and workshops where you can learn everything and anything about the iconic beverage.

(Photo via Exigí Buen Café)

In Argentina, despite mate being the traditional drink, coffee is very much rooted in the national identity. There has long been a grand tradition of sipping on a cortado outside partnered up with facturas and the morning newspaper. According to 2016 data from Statista, 53.4 percent of all Argentines drink coffee daily, and it is the second most popular drink after water (yes, I’m shook too: where is mate on this list?). So, it only makes sense that the passion for excellent quality coffee has grown in kind.

The industry is changing so fast, as it is no longer solely a matter of tradition and getting some extra buzz so that you don’t fall asleep at work for the second time in a week. Now, it is far trendier, it is about the cafe behind the coffee too. In fact, one of the most popular hashtags used on social media is now #coffee – thank goodness it’s no longer #yolo, as that was a worrying time for us all.

This fair taps into the country’s renewed fascination with specialty coffee and its diversity. Nowadays, you barely have to walk five steps anywhere in Buenos Aires and find yourself smack bang in an aesthetically-pleasing cafe sipping on a rich, nutty hot beverage.

(Photo via Pexels)

Founder of the event, Sabrina Cuculiansky, reveals to us that five years ago there were only 8 places she could find specialty coffee, yet now there are hundreds cropping up everywhere and anywhere. No longer is Starbucks the answer to your caffeinated queries (down with the corporates!).

There really is no excuse for neither a porteño nor a visitor to be sipping on the best coffee out there, supporting local businesses (and taking a good Instagram too, while you’re at it). This event is an excellent way to showcase independent business owners, as well as international and national producers of excellent coffee, showcasing the real diversity of the drink, and to continue to inspire budding coffee drinkers and producers.

(Photo via Exigí Buen Café)

The fair has a jam-packed schedule showcasing coffee connoisseurs from all over the world, from anything from workshops on how to properly toast the beans to the history behind hunting down the perfect blend. Experts such as Cabrales and Lattente will be speaking about the future of coffee, such as how to prepare your own coffee which actually tastes like the espresso you would buy in a café, and less like the watery mud that instant coffee can be.

To add a bit of excitement to the day, the event will also include a number of barista competitions in latte art, coffee cocktail blending, and the ultimate EBC competition which will crown one talented barista out of the forty applicants as official 2018 winner.

The highlight of the event, according to Sabrina, will be the two new competitions. Fasten your seatbelts, as I have a feeling you may be witnessing some absolutely insane latte art completed in a matter of seconds. This is slightly alarming, as the majority of us may struggle to draw a straight heart on a piece of paper, let alone create a tiny detailed sketch of an antelope printed on foamy milk.

This year, there are eight baristas who will be competing against each other, and they will be eliminated at every round. The coffee cocktail competition looks equally exciting, as there are some preselected bartenders matched with their barista advisors to come head to head making the most high-energy tragos out there.

(Photo via Exigí Buen Café)

If the word ‘alcohol’ has caught your attention, Martin Olivera, the co-creator of Buenos Aires’ pop-up bar Los Olivera, will be speaking about the diverse possibilities of mixing coffee and cocktails together in one harmonious collab (I heard it was better than Drake and Riri’s album drop).

Tía María will also have a cocktail and coffee mash-up stall, because everything is always improved with a touch of alcohol (#basic). This workshop is at 2:30PM until 3:45 PM and will aim to teach us mere mortals the proper way of matching distinct aromas and tastes to make the perfect coffee cocktails. We can only hope that an Espresso Martini makes a grand entrance!

See the complete timetable here. Buy your tickets in advance here

Feria Exigí Buen Café | Monday, August 27 from 11AM-9 PM | The Four Seasons – Posadas 1086 | AR $200 General + AR $300 VIP |