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3 Can’t-Miss Foodie Pop-Ups Led by Women

Ladies who know how to eat, drink, and be merry.

By | [email protected] | July 16, 2019 11:45am

xPloraMexPloraMe event at Vinotinto - Photo by Laura Macías Acuña

I don’t know about you, but the trend of foodie pop-ups that has, well, popped up around Buenos Aires makes me rather giddy. As the number of new bars and restaurants opening continues to grow despite all indications that the country is in fact going up in flames, chefs, bartenders, sommeliers, and all-around bon vivants are upping the creative ante. From restaurants within restaurants to traveling cocktail extravaganzas to themed nights with a cheeky twist, you’ll want to do anything but hibernate this winter. Read on for a roundup of our favorite pop-ups in Buenos Aires, led by the badass women who are changing the face of the city’s culinary scene.

Na Num by Lis Ra

Mondays usually suck for many reasons. A return to the daily grind, everyone’s in a worse mood than usual, and most restaurants and bars close to give their staff a break after busy weekend service. If you’re hungry and too lazy to cook, your only options tend to be sad empanadas or greasy pizza with all the cheese off to one side. But no longer! Enter Na Num, the newest project from chef Lis Ra. This Korean pop-up takes over OPIO Gastropub’s Palermo space on its day off, serving innovative, mega-flavorful dishes like kimchi, complex brothy soups, lettuce wraps, and more. It’s the perfect way to get your gochujang fix without having to venture over to Bajo Flores, and watching a focused Lis in action at the fuegos is always a treat. What are you waiting for? Call your friends, get a group together, and book your table for next Monday like, now.

Na Num | Mondays 8 PM – 11:30 PM | Honduras 4413| Instagram

British Invasion by Sorrel Moseley-Williams


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Dill Tonic • Beef Wellington • Britpop • Punk. Mashing up Wednesdays in Palermo.

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The British are coming! The British are coming! No, Paul Revere hasn’t magically reincarnated and shown up at your doorstep in Buenos Aires (although that would be kind of trippy). Argentine tavern Las Patriotas turns history on its head every Wednesday as journalist slash sommelier slash travel guru Sorrel Moseley-Williams takes over with an English-themed menu of food, drinks, and tunes. Imagine yourself cozied up at the fireplace, noshing on some Beef Wellington in between sips of your Pimm’s cup or better yet, a Dill Tonic (made with nac and pop Príncipe de los Apóstoles, of course). On the speakers? Sir DJ Mar del Mar transports you back to the streets of east London with loads of Britpop, punk, and other classics. So leave the “el que no salta es un inglés” crap behind – if only for one night – and book a table at one of the city’s coolest, most aesthetically-pleasing spots. We promise, you’re guaranteed a cracking time.

Las Patriotas | Wednesdays 6 PM – 12 AM | Paunero 2880 | Tel: 2343-5892 | Instagram 

Bardo Itinerante by Inés de los Santos

Everyone, bow down to Inés de los Santos. She’s one of the primary reasons that Buenos Aires has such a fantastic cocktail culture, full stop. With more than 20 years in the industry, Inés revolutionized the barra at Gran Bar Danzón (still one of the city’s coolest spots two decades in) and has since moved on to publish books while spreading the porteño cocktail gospel. Enter Bardo Itinerante, her newest endeavor, that drives home the reminder that cocktails are an integral part to gastronomy. Alongside a team of top-notch professionals, Inés hosts gourmet pop-up cocktail pairing events at some of BA’s most important restaurants. For example, they’ve landed at the cucina at Italpast, Campana’s Italian mecca, and celebrated Argentina’s Independence Day with a punk-rock mashup of Proper and Gran Dabbang. Other lucky locales have been La Mar, Narda Comedor, and Mishiguene. Basically, the resume speaks for itself. Follow Bardo on Instagram to stay in the loop on upcoming events and remember to RSVP, ASAP.

Bardo Itinerante | Restaurants around Buenos Aires | Instagram 

Bonus Track: xPloraMe


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#xPloraMe #1bis #palermo ¡No te olvides de hacer tu reserva! • La pasamos tan bien en la 1ra. edición de xPloraMe, ¡que sale bis! Platos nuevos y reeditados, combinados con destacados vinos por nuestra sommelier @sorrelita ¿Cuál será la combinación perfecta para vos? • ?Vinotinto: Humboldt 2157 e/ Soler y Guatemala • ✍️ Reservas a [email protected] indicando horario de preferencia: 7pm o 9pm. Espacio limitado. • Nos acompañan:
@escorihuelag @rutiniwines @bodegasantajulia @bodegamanosnegras @fincaelboleado @matiasriccitelli @arevalo_somm • #app #ios #android #enlalista #onthelist #plora #igers #igersbsas #bsas #buenosaires #travel #viajar #comida #food #morfi #event #maridaje #paring #uniones #wine #collarin #collarines #vino #? #? #MEGA?

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The unstoppable Sorrel has just launched yet another pop-up event, this time in collaboration with Plora, the app that shares only the best recommendations of food and drink around Buenos Aires. Consider it the virtual foodie friend you’ve never had, that’s always able to answer your random questions like “where’s a good Thai place in Recoleta that’s open tonight?” Hosted at Vinotinto’s new Palermo Hollywood locale, the latest event features four dishes from the restaurant’s menu, paired perfectly with a variety of incredible wines (think spicy lamb curry with a Rutini Gewürztraminer). Vinotinto has one of the best kitchens around – and at prices that literally cannot be beat – and Sorrel’s wine knowledge means you’re in good hands when it comes to having a tipple. Watch this space: the xPloraMe events are sure to gain traction and become one of the hottest tickets in town.

xPloraMe at Vinotinto | Thursday, July 18 | 7 PM – 11 PM | Humboldt 2175 | Reserve: [email protected] | Instagram