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Federico Pinedo Kicks Off The American Club’s Rounds of Political Lunches

In association with The Essential, the event will take place on April 25th

By | [email protected] | April 15, 2019 12:29pm

0029306475Photo via Minuto Uno

Election years are quite the whirlwind in any country in the world, but especially here in Argentina, and even more so this particular year. 2019 is shaping up to be one of the must uncertain ones in decades and keeping up to date with the candidates and what they have to offer has become a serious challenge.

This is why the good people at The American Club have decided to lend a hand by offering a platform so that different political and economic influencers can offer their points of view on the political crossroads that lay before the Argentine people. The Club, in partnership with The Essential, will be offering a series of lunches at their downtown headquarters and have decided to kick things off this April 25h in a big way, with Federico Pinedo, Provisional President of the National Senate and member of the Propuesta Republicana (PRO) pary.

The American Club (Photo by Julian White-Davis)

The American Club has a long and storied history of organizing these sorts of activities. During its 100 years (and counting), many of Argentina’s  biggest movers and shakers in the political and economic field have passed through the club’s doors, generating a rich cultural exchange with the English-speaking community. And with the current state of relations between the US and Argentina at an all-time high and the electoral year as a backdrop, it’s only fitting that the Club serve as a space for these encounters to come to fruition.

As Robert Urban, the current President of the American Club stated to The Bubble: “I think it is well recognized that current relations between the two countries are very good.  Recent past visits from both former President Obama and President Trump were productive and positive, reinforcing that friendship.”

Besides the aforementioned Pinedo, future confirmed guests include José Luis Espert and the crop of invitees is only expected to grow from then on. Guests will be speaking in Spanish, allowing for them to articulate themselves in their own language and offering a great opportunity for members of the local Anglo and American communities to see these influencers and leaders speak. As for the role that The Essential in this partnership, Urban was very clear about it: “The American Club is working with The Essential group, who will be bundling up the content from these conferences, so that the respective messages can be distributed in English not only in their own newsletters here but to their target audience in Washington, DC as well.”

Ticket prices purchased before April 18th will cost AR $1,000 for members of the club and AR $1,250 for non-members, while tickets purchased after April 18th will cost AR $1,250 for members and AR $1,500 for non-members. Tickets can be purchased by credit card over the phone by calling the American Club at 4373-8801/05.