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Federal Court Rejects Nisman’s Accusation Against Cristina

By | [email protected] | March 26, 2015 3:29pm


A Federal Appeals Court has decided to uphold judge Daniel Rafecas ruling and dismiss the accusation against President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

You can download the ruling in PDF format here.

The report is 77-pages long, but on page 33, the ruling states that Nisman’s accusation seems to be based on conjecture and fragments of conversations that he capriciously – and conveniently – puts together in a specific order, in an effort to make it sound like it’s an international conspiracy masterminded by the President. Just like, as the ruling puts it, “certain popular novels from a few years ago in which you could create your own story,” in this case by choosing the order of the recorded conversations


Yes. The ruling is comparing Nisman’s report to the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

According to late prosecutor Alberto Nisman, the President (along with Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman) was looking to bury Iran’s role in the bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in exchange for oil.

The court was divided over today’s decision to dismiss the appeal. Judges Eduardo Freiler and Jorge Ballestero chose to uphold Rafecas’ ruling, while Eduardo Farah decided to rejected it.

This is the second time that the accusation against the President is rejected by a court. Last month, prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita decided to move forward with Nisman’s investigation. However, Rafecas decided to reject it arguing that there were “no grounds” to accuse Cristina and other government officials of committing a crime.

It was then prosecutor Germán Moldes who took the case to the Federal Appeals Court, which has now once again ruled against it.

Prosecutor Germán Moldes can now choose to take the case to the Court of Cassation.