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Federal Agents Uncover José López’ Alleged Hiding Place For The US $9 Million

By | [email protected] | August 16, 2016 5:41pm


A search ordered by Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas today reportedly found the location where former Planning Secretary José López hid the US $9 million he was caught trying to hide in a convent back in June.

The search was conducted this morning at 10 AM at López’s home in Tigre, where similar investigations had already been conducted to no avail. However, this time agents were able to locate a small room behind the master bedroom and a false floor (or raised floor) next to a water tank, only accessible via a ladder. Rafecas, people from his legal team and López’s lawyers were all present during the inspection.

The reason they were able to find the almost inaccessible hiding place is quite simply because López told them where he had been hiding bags filled with bundles of dollars, euros, yuan and Qatari ryials, among other valuables, in his testimony last week. The testimony included many gems as he recounted his apparent state of hallucination and mental instability, including voices in his head: maybe that’s why you missed it.

López is currently being charged with illicit enrichment due to the US $9 million and is also being investigated regarding his possession of the house in Tigre where the hiding place was located. He has been in jail for the past two months and is set to testify again to fully explain the origins of the money when he has “the necessary physical and psychological strength.”