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5 Delicious Options to Celebrate Father’s Day in BA

Restaurants around Buenos Aires are offering special deals for Día del Padre.

By | [email protected] | June 14, 2019 8:00am

ucoCourtesy of UCO

The third weekend of June is almost upon us, which means, as tie and cufflink brand advertisers have made it their mission to remind us, Father’s Day is fast approaching. Across the world, and here in Buenos Aires, families will be reuniting this Sunday for Día del Padre to celebrate the patriarchs of their clans. (For those of us like myself still learning castellano, just make sure not to accidentally refer to your father – papá – as a potato – papa).

Abroad for the summer, I’ll have to content myself this year with an extended FaceTime call with my dad. But for those celebrating with their fathers in person, the holiday can be a stressful, though exciting, time. As you finish wrapping the gift you bought three months ago or, more likely, scramble to think of a present that can’t be found at your local ferretería, here’s a reminder to think through the venue of your reunion as well. After all, your dad will likely care more about spending the day with you than any gift you could buy – I know mine certainly would.

Here, The Bubble brings to you five delicious restaurants to choose from for the occasion (and a bonus!), each offering a special menu and ambience for the day. Most of them are brunch offerings (my personal favorite meal of the day), but if dinner is more your style (looking at you, sleepy heads), we dropped one of those as well.

And to those out there for whom Father’s Day ignites more pain than it does joy, we are sending our love, and encouraging you and whomever your loved ones may be to treat yourself this weekend as well.


Courtesy of Roux

Prepare to experience the highest of caliber meals at this award-winning, elegance-embodied restaurant in the chic Recoleta barrio of Buenos Aires. Roux opened in 2014 under head chef Martín Rebaudino, whose previous work as Executive Chef at Oviedo had earned his restaurant the title of The Best Restaurant for Spanish Cuisine in Argentina (2000). Now, Rebaudino has prepared an exquisite four-course brunch menu for Father’s Day, with each course paired with an equally-exquisite wine. For each of the three main courses, you’ll have a choice between four items, each stemming from the Roux’s signature mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

Roux | Peña 2300 | $$$$ | Monday Saturday, 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM, 8 PM – 12 AM; Sunday, opens 12 PM | Instagram | Web

Bilbo Cafe

Courtesy of Bilbo

Looking for something more casual and affordable? Look no further than the heart of Villa Crespo where Bilbo Cafe, with its pastel awning and exposed brick walls, is a little more hip and a little more happening. Bilbo boasts a blend of coffee “made especially for them:” it hails from a Colombian family-run coffee farm and is hand washed, processed, and sun-dried. Their menu features all your brunch-y favorites, from the breakfast side of brunch (aka avocado toast, medialunas, cheesy scrambled eggs), to the lunch side of brunch (aka milanesa, burgers, and filling salads.) For Father’s Day, Bilbo will be serving up a three-course meal, with fancy bruschetta for the appetizer, an entree fresh off the grill, and a chocolate pastry for dessert. All for AR $800 per person – not bad!

Bilbo | Doctor Luis Beláustegui 802 | $$ | Monday Saturday, 8 AM – 9 PM; Sunday, 9 AM – 9PM | Instagram | Web

UCO at Hotel Fierro

Courtesy of

Another brunch spot we’re definitely recommending this Father’s Day is UCO. UCO is proud of doing everything themselves – from smoking their own Patagonian trout to curing their own bacon. Located within a classy hotel smack in the midst of Palermo Hollywood, its focus is simple but incredible dishes (think charcuterie displays from your wildest dreams). This Sunday, the prix fixe menu has much variety – with an Irish breakfast and organic eggs with spinach and smoked salmon on the menu, even the pickiest of eaters should find something to enjoy while sitting either within or overlooking their lusciously green garden space. Both the quality of the food and the cocoon-of-nature-within-an-urban-jungle ambience should make the AR $950 per person price tag worth it.

UCO | Soler 5862 | $$$ | Monday – Sunday, 8 PM 10:30 PM; Sunday for brunch with reservations | Instagram | Web

Bis Restaurante

Courtesy of BIS

Bis is one of those rare beasts (bists?) that truly manages to be both casual and formal at once – the ambience may leave you feeling comfortable and but the food is no less than extravagant. As The Bubble has written before, the head chef Gonzalo Aramburu is famous for “perfecting food as art.This Sunday, Bis will be serving up a four-course brunch (with wine pairing included) for AR $1,200. For the main course, there’s a choice of ojo de bife, steak, or pesca del día, fish of the day, and of course, a couple decadent desserts from which to choose.

BIS | Vicente López 1661 Local 12 | $$$ | Tuesday Saturday, 9 AM 11:30 PM; Sunday, 11 AM 4 PM | Instragram | Web

Casa Cavia

Courtesy of Casa Cavia

Is your vision of a Father’s Day well spent a lovely stroll through the latest exhibit at the MALBA with your viejo? Stop by for brunch first at Casa Cavia, just two blocks away from it in the heart of Palermo. Casa Cavia is the ultimate embodiment of “aesthetic” and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed by head chef Julieta Caruso’s prepared menu for this Sunday. From the steamed pork belly buns for the aperitivo to the mini desserts tasting (and vegetarian substitutes available along the way), the four-course meal should leave you drooling and yearning for more.

Casa Cavia | Cavia 2985 | $$$ | Tuesday Friday, 9 AM 12 AM; Saturday, 10 AM 12 AM; Sunday, 10 AM 8 PM | Instragram | Web

BONUS TRACK: L’adesso Ristorante

Courtesy of L’adesso

If you think evening Italian fine dining will best float your father’s boat, look no further than L’adesso. A short five minute walk away from Plaza Italia, you’ll find yourself in the midst of one of Buenos Aires’ hippest districts, Palermo Soho. Dining at L’adesso you’ll enter into an aura of sophistication. From the outdoor space, complete with star lighting, to its modern furnishing and candlelit tables, the restaurant has the chic factor of a top-tier hotel, perhaps a little reminiscent of the Marriott in Rome, where the restaurant’s owner and head chef, Leonard Fumarola, once worked and trained. He began his culinary career at age 14 back in Puglia (the heel of Italy’s boot), and since then has made a name for himself around the world. 

Courtesy of L’adesso

For the Father’s Day menu, Fumarola has prepared an elegant prix fixe three-course meal. For AR $1,100 per person, your family can enjoy an assortment of “land and sea” delicacies for the appetizer round, a choice between two decadent pastas for the entree, and a traditional Italian custard and sour cherry based dessert called ‘Zeppole di san Giuseppe.’ The menu comes with a choice of Blend de Malbec Vicentin or Blanc de Malbec, and a children’s menu is also available.

L’Adesso | Fray Justo Santa María de Oro 2047 | $$$ | Tuesday – Friday, 8 PM – 12 AM; Saturday, 12 PM – 3 PM & 8 PM – 1 AM; Sunday 12:30 PM – 4 PM | Instagram | Web