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Fashion Fans, Listen Up: Designers Buenos Aires Week is Here

By | [email protected] | March 16, 2018 5:59pm

Malba-designers-week-FabianFabián Zitta's 'Entrada a Milan' show took place at MALBA. (Photo via Jason Sheil).

As one of Buenos Aires’ most exclusive and elusive fashion events (seriously, one of the hardest events to get any information about), we’re here to give you the lowdown and let you in on all the highlights (and lowlights) of the high-fashion filled week.

Just halfway through the thirteenth edition of Designers BA Week (March 12th – 21st), there’s already been enough fashion fused drama for one year.

The BA Designers event takes place at landmark locations across the city, speaking with Infobae, organizer Guillermo Azar explained that he wanted to leave behind conventional fashion show locations, which in his view are boring for the spectator and says he instead favors non obvious locations for fashion shows.

This year’s edition kicked off on MALBA’s roof terrace with designer / anesthetist Fabián Zitta’s 50s and 70s era inspired collection named, ‘Entrada a Milán’.

(Photo via Jason Sheill).

(Photo via Jason Sheil).


Garments included pleated gowns of sparkling emerald green, cool crimson and midnight black that were all about showing off a feminine silhouette. Models were also dressed in sharp tailored suits showcasing a total of 43 new looks for the 2018 Fall and Winter season.

(Photo via Jason Sheill)

(Photo via Jason Sheil)


A terrace packed full of the royalty of the Argentine fashion and television world, high profile fashionistas were all present to show their support for Fabián Zitta, who made an appearance at the end to rapturous applause.

Organizer Guillermo Azar, Cathy Fulop, designer Fabian Zitta and Mery del Cerro. (Photo via Infobae).

Organizer Guillermo Azar, Cathy Fulop, designer Fabián Zitta and Mery del Cerro. (Photo via Infobae).


An ambitious catwalk spanning the full 170-meter length of the Puente de la Mujer in Puerto Madero was the chosen location for designer Laurencio Adot’s ‘Dot Store’ show.


Models wearing outfits that bore a striking resemblance to those of an air hostess were sent down the runway, only to find it near impossible to successfully make it to the end. People who have walked across the Puente de La Mujer will know what I mean when I say the wooden boards are not the ideal surface for a high-heeled fashion show.

(Photo via Jason Sheill).

(Photo via Jason Sheil).


A slight car crash in the most spectacular of scenic locations, unfortunately the trips and near tumbles were distracting from an overall chic and sleek ensemble.


Parisian fashion brand Paule Ka debuted their brand and collection for the first time on Argentine soil at their newly opened boutique on Avenida Alvear, Recoleta.

Influenced by the subtle style and grace of the 50s and 60s, principal designer Alithia Spuri-Zampetti aims to create a timeless elegance inspired by style icons like Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

(Photo via Paule Ka).

(Photo via Paule Ka).


Clothing was geometric, simple, sophisticated and very wearable for the urban inhabitant; the collection embodying accessible luxury. Must have items such as the eternally classic staple, ‘Little Black Dress’ were presented and cemented the brand’s position in the ‘prêt-à-porter’ (ready to wear) sector of the fashion world.

(Photo via Paule Ka).

(Photo via Paule Ka).


Whilst an exclusive invite only event, organizer Guillermo Azar emphasizes that if people are interested in going to any shows during the week, they need only to write to the organizer and they will be allowed entry.

People listen up, you have until the 21st March to see the remaining shows.