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YouTuber Rubius Mobbed at Airport: Made It Out Alive

By | [email protected] | April 15, 2015 2:00pm


In the good ol’ days, you had to work for fame. Achieving stardom of any kind required grit, undying dedication to a craft and a stroke of luck – things I definitely don’t have. Nowadays, it seems a casual crotch shot or YouTube channel built on spiraling egomania is all it takes.

Just look at the unlikely celebrity of Spanish YouTube personality Rubén Doblas Gundersen, known to fans as Rubius. The 24 year old YouTuber was mobbed by thousands of shrieking fans when arriving at Ezeiza airport this Friday. Photos of the pandemonian reveal the glittered fingernails of teen fans reaching for the star’s face like the extended claws of hyenas tearing at prey.

While I have not given up on amassing a similar legion of rabid devotees, Rubius has a significant head start. His YouTube channel, elRubiusOMG, has already attained over 10 million subscribers and 1.7 billion views. Born to a Norwegian mother and a Spanish father, this simple boy from Málaga has built a digital empire off his signature blonde locks and zany, nonsensical humor. His star power extends to Twitter, where he has over 3 million followers, and Facebook, where his page has over 4 million likes.

Check out one of his most viewed videos below, where he manages to squeeze hitting his friend in the head with a toy penis and an impersonation of a velociraptor into the same video. That’s the kind of talent that gets you the millions of YouTube subscribers…

While I too have blondish hair and vaguely Nordic ancestry, Rubius is just one of many of formidable challengers. You see, Rubius was in Buenos Aires this weekend to take part in the Club Media Fest, a two-day event where famous YouTubers across the Spanish-speaking world unite to liaise and shake hands with adoring fans. The convention took place from Saturday April 11 to Sunday April 12. While Rubius was undoubtedly the fest’s linchpin, Manguel Rogen of Spain, Werevertumorro of Mexico, Xoda of Chile and Vedito, Marito Baracus and Locos x el Asado of Argentina were all in attendance.

Check out this video El Rubius made of the acción!

These conventions have been in the United States for years (Trust me, I’ve tried to get in…); however, this is the first festival of its kind in Latin America. 20,000 tickets were sold at a price of 350 pesos per person. According to organizers, 100 tickets were sold per hour after going on sale.

To give you some insight into the hysteria you have yet to tap into, take a look at this promotional video featuring a strange man in a floral shirt flailing his arms in enthusiasm.