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Ezeiza Airport Now Has Six ‘eGates’ That Will Speed Up Passport Controls

By | [email protected] | April 24, 2018 12:45pm


Ministers of Transportation and Interior, Guillermo Dietrich and Rogelio Frigerio, inaugurated yesterday six Automated Border Control gates (or “eGates) at the Ezeiza airport, which are set to speed up passport control checks for Argentines who arrive from abroad.

The gates function next to the 36 posts operated by officials, and according to the Ministry of Transportation, would ideally cut down the time of the process by practically half, from the 30 seconds the human-operated process takes, to 17. Nonetheless, the system is also set to reduce the amount of people who will resort to the manual one, and therefore the overall time spent waiting in line.

“This new system we are implementing is a very important step forward. The biometric doors will not only speed up the bureaucracy, but also will allow [the government] to gather precise information regarding who enters and leaves Argentine territory, through digital technology,” said Minister Frigerio.

However, only Argentines are able to access the system so far. Talking to press after the event, Dietrich said the next goals are enabling foreigners to use it too, and install three machines in Terminal A’s departures area as well. National Migrations Director Horacio García, also present at the event, said they also intend to implement the system at the Buenos Aires City port, for Buquebus and Colonia Express travels.

How does the system work? The gates have two doors. To go through the first one, passengers have to place their passports on the scanner, with the page of the photo facing down. Once open, the passenger will have to stand in place, look at a screen that will take a picture of them, and place their right thumb on a fingerprint scanner. Once the system checks they are cleared to enter the country, the second door will open.

Hello, future.