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Escape Rooms in Buenos Aires: The Challenge You’ve Been Looking For

Test your friendships (and your brain) in 60 minutes or less.

By | [email protected] | February 18, 2019 12:34pm

HourEscape-Banner-V1-0-e1504861040897Photo via Simulacre Vuit Room Escape

Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet for the last year or so, you’ve probably heard of escape rooms. You pay to be locked in a room with a group of friends or family and try to solve a puzzle, usually within an hour. Most of them are themed, some of them are scary, all of them are so much fun. 

Alejandro Raggio, one of the owners of Escape Buenos Aires, commonly sees customers experience escape rooms two ways. “For some it’s new; they’re finding a novel form of entertainment not yet experienced, it’s fun to try the challenge. They sort of feel like detectives solving cases. But there are also the more experienced, for whom it’s about the challenge. Some are very critical of the rooms, some are there to break a record, it’s much more about being the best.”

Regardless of your level, it’s hard to ignore the popularity of escape rooms. What started as four or five locations around Buenos Aires suddenly boomed into around 100 within the last few years, according to Raggio. In the city, most escape rooms offer a deal such as the more people you bring, the lower the cost per person. If you find yourself in the need of a unique challenge, or just want to exercise your brain while having fun, check out the cream of the crop below.

Escape Hunt

Established across several continents, Escape Hunt offers three experiences for you to try and multiple locations in the Buenos Aires area. The locations offer light refreshments after you solve the challenge and even costumes so you can dress and take photos. “Robbery of the Century” features your team “carrying out the most ambitious bank robbery in Argentine history” set in the year 2006. You have 60 minutes to handle hostages and get away with the money. “Buenos Aires Breakout” is set in 1930’s Argentina. Your mission is to find evidence to prevent election fraud and bring down a military regime. “Paranormal Encounter” features you as a ghost hunter, trying to figure out the mystery and secrets surrounding an abandoned asylum. It may not be October, but spooky season lives within our hearts anyway.

Escape Hunt | Various Locations | AR $800 for 2 people | More Info

Juegos Mentales

Variety is the spice of life and Juegos Mentales takes that literally. This escape room company has many locations in the Buenos Aires area, with themes that include Da Vinci, The Purge, Area 51, The Perfect Plan, Creatures of the Night and many more. Be sure to check out the website, because not every location offers the same challenge or theme. For example, Da Vinci is tucked away in Recoleta, across from a Starbucks and pretty much impossible to find near the Recoleta Cultural Center.

Juegos Mentales | Various Locations | AR $1,199 for 2-4 people | More Info

Escape Buenos Aires

Although Escape Buenos Aires only offers three different experiences, its service is unmatched and owners Alejandro Raggio and Adrian Estoup made sure of that. They’ve found that being a smaller business has given them an opportunity to ensure that potential for technical issues stays at a minimum and that overall customer satisfaction to be kept at a maximum. “Fog Over London” (the most popular room) leaves you to figure out who’s terrorizing London in the 19th century.  “Embassy of Krokovia” promotes a high-intensity environment with your attempting to steal blueprints from a small country threatening world peace in under an hour. And finally, get ready to pee your pants because “Necronomicon” sends you looking for the book of the dead. Escape Buenos Aires also offers rooms that are available in English; prices vary based on the number of people that play.

Escape Buenos Aires | Avenida de Mayo 1130 | AR $800 for 2 people | More Info

Eureka: Challenge of Escape

Eureka boasts that it was the first company to bring escape rooms to Buenos Aires. Themes include Poltergeist, Maximum Velocity, The Office of Detective Spencer, Revenge, The President’s Office, and others. The website offers links to each theme and an overall grade based on difficulty, scare factor, and a recommended age minimum. If you’re looking for scary and hard, go for “Poltergeist.” If you just need something challenging, go for “Walt’s Laboratory”(based on Breaking Bad!) With three locations in Buenos Aires, there’s no excuse to not check it out.

Eureka | Various Locations | AR $800 for 2 people | More Info

Escape Games

Photo via Escape Games

With an abundance of locations all around the greater Buenos Aires area, Escape Games is well, hard to escape from (ha). It offers a wide variety of rooms ranging from Operation: James Bond, Blair Witch Project, The Exam, Hannibal, What Happened Yesterday? and so many more based on the location of your choosing. The company also has plans to bring more themes to several locations, so your favorite will probably change again and again.

Escape Games | La Plata, San Telmo, Recoleta | AR $800 for 2 people | More Info