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‘El Marginal’ Named One of the Best International Series of the Decade

The ranking of the top 30 series was published in the New York Times.

By | [email protected] | December 27, 2019 12:26pm

el marginal

The weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’s are a mix of chaotic energy (family #drama, travel stress, overindulgence of all kinds) and massive lulls in productivity (end-of-year roundups, myriad Out of Office replies), there’s no getting around it. And as the decade comes to a close, everyone and their mom is upping the ante when it comes to retrospective rankings and final listicles on the most superlative *everything* from the last ten years.

Of course, any reluctance to consume that kind of fluff goes straight out the window when Argentina is involved. Obviously! We’re nothing if not narcissistic, OK? Which is why we’re thrilled to see high-octane prison drama El Marginal make the “30 Best International TV Shows of the Decade, as published by the New York Times earlier this week.

From the complete list, 12 of the ranked series are British, which is understandable if not slightly annoying. I mean come on, how did the author completely forget to include rock-solid gems like Go! and Millennials? But I digress. El Marginal is a tour de force, so it’s no surprise that it garnered international acclaim after being released on Netflix.

In case you didn’t feel like clicking on the link above, where you’ll find our review of the show’s first season, here’s a quick recap of its plot and premise.  El Marginal follows the story of Pastor (Juan Minujín), a former cop looking to infiltrate San Onofre, a notoriously violent and derelict prison, by posing as an inmate in an attempt to locate the kidnapped daughter of a corrupt judge. Once inside, he finds himself having to finesse an all-out infiltration, making his way through the ranks of the prison and its crooked social hierarchy.

Yes, it’s violent. Yes, it’s intense and might make it hard for you to sleep if you watch it before bed. Yes, it’s really hard to understand the Spanish if you’re not paying *really* close attention and also *really* good at language in general. But it’s 100 percent worth it if you haven’t watched already.

Check out the trailer for the first season below and start preparing your excuse for why you’ll miss your friend’s lame New Year’s Eve party (something along the lines of “Diosito really needs me” sounds about right):