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‘El Cronista’ Unveils Pretty Cool Anniversary Campaign

By | [email protected] | November 4, 2013 5:00pm


El Cronista, a traditional Argentine newspaper, turns 105 today and in order to celebrate its existence it has unveiled a series of eye-catching ads that have been plastered throughout the city. The campaign, with a slogan that reads “All the voices in one place,” features posters that fuse the faces of two high-profiled personalities that are either ideologically or politically opposed to each other and the result is  – at least in two of them – terrifyingly hilarious.

Try guessing who they are! Well, not the Obama one. That’s pretty obvious.

But seriously. Try to guess to ones related to Argentina. If you guess 5 out of 5 you will have my never ending respect. I’m giving you hints to make them even more obvious than they already are.

1.- HINT: Extremism in journalism. Both of them.



2.- HINT: If you need a hint you really need to read more.


3.- HINT: I don’t care how successful they are. They still look like nerds to me.



4.- HINT: Their parties kicked Cristina’s political ass in the midterms.



5.- HINT: The right hates the mustache, the left hates the bald part. 




1.- Jorge Lanata (anti-K journalist) and Victor Hugo Morales (ultra-K journalist.)

2.- German chancellor Angela Merkel and US president Barack Obama.

3.- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates.

4.- UNEN lawmaker-elect Elisa Carrió and City Mayor Mauricio Macri.

5.- Former economy minister Domingo Cavallo and Domestic Trade Secretary Guillermo Moreno.

Now get back to work. You’ve procrastinated enough today. And happy birthday, El Cronista!

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