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Eight Bodies Have Been Found In Buenos Aires Province Rivers

By | [email protected] | September 12, 2016 5:06pm


A charity has been finding dead bodies during its cleaning of two rivers in the Quilmes district of Greater Buenos Aires.  And more than just a couple.

COLCIC, a charity set up to prevent pollution and flooding, uses machines to remove debris from the river and thus prevent flooding. But from January to August it inadvertently found eight bodies either buried under aqueous rubbish or floating in the water.

Enrique Garcia, the head of the charity, explained that “areas around the rivers have been arming themselves for years. Now, 92,000 people live there without any basic services — no water, sewage, light, rubbish collection. This is turning them into dangerous areas.”

The charity is also finding lots of cars in the water. “Often it’s the same neighbours who, tired of having scrap metal, end up throwing them in the water,” he said.

“It’s nothing new,” said one of the charity’s representatives, Alejandra Amestoy. “But it was the quantity of bodies that caught our eye. In the last two months, five bodies have been found, a majority of which had firearm injuries.”

Buenos Aires police representatives insisted “the facts have not been verified” regarding the alleged corpses and cautioned against jumping to conclusions. Law enforcement representatives also said there had been no official reports of the found bodies. “If something happens it should come through this office,” said the departmental secretary of the local police station, Marcelo Urrejola. COLCIC insisted they had, in fact, told police.

The identity and provenance of the bodies remains unclear.

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