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The Bubble’s Guide for Eating (and Shopping) Organic in Buenos Aires

Ditch the damaging chemicals and go natural this summer

By | [email protected] | October 18, 2018 12:56pm


The gastronomic milieu in Argentina is ever-growing, and while the quality of meat and wines that hallmark a typical asado tends to be high, when associating these products to the term “organic,” the correlation is near to none. Eating in a sustainable and wholesome way is still not at the top of the priority list for the locals, but that doesn’t mean the organic market doesn’t exist.

Given that Argentina is a leading figure in the imports and exports of organic goods in the southern hemisphere, trust that there is an organic food movement in Buenos Aires, you just have to look for it.

The Bubble has put together a guide to what we consider to be the best organic markets, shops, and delivery services in town, so scroll down to see what’s around!


Fresh Fruit & Veg at El Galpón

Photo via Escabullidos

A community center with its ethos buried deep in sustainability and ethical consumerism, El Galpón acts as a pioneering enabler of the organic food movement, articulating the importance of green living, and creating links and exchanges between organizations and vendors. From fresh fruit and vegetables, medicinal herbs and organic chicken, to natural cosmetics and cleaning products, there isn’t really anything that El Galpón doesn’t sell.

Open every Wednesday and Saturday from 9-6, it is a market that all eco-fanatics cannot miss (if you are not market-ed out already). Just make sure that you are mindful of its core values which are lived and breathed by its community – an empty McDonald’s wrapper splurging out of your pocket from the night before won’t necessarily be appreciated.

Tip: Make sure you take some extra cash to spend in their café while you browse the stalls – looking at all of the food makes it impossible not to pick up a fork and indulge in something delicious.

El Galpón | Av. Federico Lacroze 4171 | Wednesday and Saturday 9 AM-6 PM

Home-Baked Treats at San Telmo Verde

Photo via San Telmo Verde Feria Organica

Opening its doors in October 2012, San Telmo Verde is situated in the cobbled streets of calle Perú, in what feels like a micro-community at the heart of Buenos Aires. A market where a vibrant ambience is just as important as its products, San Telmo Verde hosts local vendors from all over the city under one roof.

Just like El Galpón, you can find a wide range of organically cultivated products, with an abundance of homemade savory tarts and cakes that will leave you anticipating your next visit. The benefit of this market is that it is easily accessible – its intimate setting caters for a quick pop-in visit as well as a longer enjoyable browse, where its vendors will tell you all about the origins of their products. It’s a great opportunity to buy from and follow local businesses at a reasonable price and definitely a market that you will be visiting more than once.

San Telmo Verde Feria Orgánica | Perú 677 | Tuesday and Friday 10 AM-8 PM

Cheeses & Plants from Sabe La Tierra

Photo via Sabe La Tierra

Unlike the other two markets, Sabe La Tierra takes to the streets every Wednesday (Balvanera), Saturday (San Fernando, Palermo, Vicente Lopez), and Sunday (Palermo), with an abundance of stands selling some of the best quality products from local producers.

With a direct relationship between seller and consumer, both parties benefit, making the products not only more affordable but also providing a sense of satisfaction in knowing exactly where your money is going. There are large communal tables where you can sit to enjoy the food and, if it’s sunny, green spaces ideal for a mid-day siesta. If you are looking to interact with others, share stories and enjoy a strong sense of community, this is definitely the market for you. Its energy is contagious and will leave you grinning from ear to ear, despite the gluttonous overload of cheese you have just consumed.

Tip: Make sure you check out their Facebook page for any updates on opening times and cancellations: if it rains, it is usually postponed until the following day.

Balvanera | Av Enrique Santos Discépolo 1800 | Wednesday 10 AM-4 PM 

San Fernando | Av. del Libertador 1000 | Saturday 10 AM-5 PM 

Vicente Lopez | Av. Gral. San Martín 2400| Saturdays 10 AM-5 PM

Palermo | Plaza Güemes | Saturday 10 AM-7 PM | Parque Las Heras | Sunday 10 AM-7 PM  Note: No market on Sunday, October 21st (Mother’s Day)


Delicious Wines from Vinecol

Photo via Vinecol

From the harvesting of the grapes to the fermenting of the wine, VineCol prides itself on being organic from beginning to end, steering away from any chemical techniques. Situated in 80 acres of fertile land, their winery and vineyard are located in eastern Mendoza, with plentiful natural resources to facilitate organic farming.

Having won multiple international awards such as a Bronze Medal in the Malbec World Day awards in Italy and Wine Enthusiast of 2015, there is no doubt that this is a wine to store in your cupboards and bring out on a midsummer’s evening. From an oaky Malbec to a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, VineCol has a wide variety of wines for all tastes and occasions with (or without) friends.

Although Vinecol doesn’t have its own shop in Buenos Aires, you are able to find its products across Palermo, Recoleta and Nuñéz, so there’s no excuse for missing out on this one.

La Esquina de Flores | Gurruchaga 1630 | Monday – Saturday 10 AM-8 PM  

Club Saludable  | Av. Callao 836 | Monday – Saturday 9 AM-9 PM

Tina & Co |  Mendoza 1678 |  Monday – Sunday 9 AM-8.30 PM

Pantry Staples from Dietética 100% Natural & Verde Brote

Photo via Dietética 100% Natural

If you are more observant than I will ever be, I’m sure that you will have noticed the abundance of dietéticas lining the streets of Buenos Aires. Full of both regional and international organic and natural products, the shops are always well organized, and in most cases, also cater to both diabetics and celiacs. There’s even have herbal medicines and remedies to naturally boost your immune system and fight off any pesky viruses.

The unique selling point of both Dietética 100% Natural and Verde Brote is the emphasis on health and the personalized assistance that they provide their customers. Both are incredibly attentive – they really do go out of their way to help you find what you need.

So if you’re the kind of person who walks around in your yoga pants all day, iPhone in one hand and latte in the other, or you are simply just looking for some healthy alternatives, these are definitely the places for you.

Diétetica 100% Natural | Bulnes 2042 | Monday-Saturday 9 AM-8.30 PM 

Verde Brote | Juramento 2679 | Monday – Saturday 9 AM-8 PM

Organic Chickens and Eggs from COECO

Trying to find organic meat in Buenos Aires can be a real chore, and when finding a box of eggs in the supermarket for just AR $30 is possible it does make you question where on earth these chickens and eggs have come from. Although the quality of meat is extremely high in Argentina, this isn’t to say that their animals are properly fed.

Luckily, shops like COECO have found a gap in the market, and offer both organic eggs and chickens at an affordable price. They are bred in the countryside and fed on grass and grain, the traditional Argentine way. They take into account the well-being of the animal and ensure that they receive the right minerals and nutrients to both improve their lives and the quality of the meat.

Buy online directly at COECO and get them sent right to your door. Plus, tell your friends – let’s try and bring old-school organic chicken back into fashion.


Tallo Verde, Jardín Orgánico, & Pachamama Orgánicos

Photo via Tallo Verde

Despite the multitude of times that PedidosYa has fed your mind with an abundance of takeaway options, causing you to take 45 minutes to order and then wait in anticipation, before they cancel on you at the last minute and leave you out in the cold, hungry, with nowhere to go (perhaps not quite), these three delivery services are renowned for getting fresh and organic foods straight to your doorstep.

If you are not one to spend an afternoon browsing the food stores in the search for something in particular, then I would definitely recommend this service to you. Grown in huertas (vegetable gardens) all around Argentina, these businesses support local communities, encourage sustainability, and facilitate the consumption of wholesome and nutritious foods. Neither service is better or worse, so it’s down to you to try them out for yourselves and see which best fits your preference.

Tallo Verde Orgánico | Jardin Orgánico | Pachamama Orgánicos