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Eating Healthy Costs Almost Double Than The Basic Food Basket

By | [email protected] | August 4, 2017 10:00am


Guys, I have bad news. If you’re trying to eat healthy, you’ll have to pay more.

According to the INDEC statistics bureau, an average family of four in Argentina needs AR $50 per person a day to afford the Basic Food Basket (BFB). The BFB includes the minimum necessary amount of calories an average person needs to not be destitute.

However, specialists say that following a healthy and balanced diet costs almost twice per person: a whooping AR $96. This is according to data analyzed and reported by the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and the Center for Politics and Economics of Nourishment (CEPEA).

According to these studies, last May in Buenos Aires City, an average couple of 30-somethings with two children aged six to eight years old needed AR $11,510 to afford a Healthy Food Basket. Two years before, in 2015, the same family would have needed AR $6,045. Almost half.

The main difference between the healthy and basic baskets is that 66 percent of the calories in the healthy basket comes from food with great nutritional value such as dairy, fresh vegetables, legumes and whole grain. In the basic basket, however, only 33 percent of the calories comes from this type of food.

Since in Argentina healthy food has a higher tax rate, as nutritional value goes up, so does the value added tax.

Out the AR $11,510, an average family is expected to spend AR $2470 in dairy products, AR $2030 in protein products such as meat and eggs and AR $1600 in green vegetables.

The Healthy Food Basket became 47.7 more expensive in the last 13 months; meanwhile, the Basic Basket’s price only saw a 27.9 percent increase in the same period.