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East Meets Awesome In ‘Kermesse Japón Made in Argentina’ Food And Design Festival

By | [email protected] | October 14, 2015 11:37am


In line with the start of Spring, Hanami & Co is living up to its Japanese name, “watching the cherry blossom bloom” by hosting a Japanese fiesta this weekend: Kermesse “Japón Made in Argentina” II – a fusion of arguably, the worlds two best cultures. The dream.

I’m talking sushi, yakitori, onigiri (rice balls), green tea, wasabi, kaki no tane (awesome little orange soy flavored snacks that come with peanuts) noodles and more. Try it all!* It’s going to be gastronomy heaven with lots of added soy sauce.

*If you see something called natto, walk away. Cultural relativity aside, this dish of fermented beans in a saliva-like sauce stands at about an 11 on a 1 to 10 scale in terms of hard to swallow-slash-stomach foods for novices.

Literally my worst nightmare. Yours too. (Photo via

Yep, that’s natto. Literally my worst nightmare. Yours too. (Photo via

I can’t guarantee that there will be any okonomiyaki but since the event is free, we can’t say no to someone putting sushi in our hands without asking for money – it just wouldn’t be right.

You’ll be able to pour out all your geeky manga knowledge with people who know even more about One Piece or Naruto than you do. You’ll be able to quote some studio ghibli with a fellow fan while listening to some J-pop performed by people who actually know the lyrics. I am sure that there will also be someone there with whom you can share your love for the Shinkansen (I mean, this bike may be the future of transport, but still nothing beats Japan’s bullet train – you can turn the seats to face your friends for crying out loud).

I’m sure you’ll spot some Hello Kitty memorabilia too.

And if you learn to hum this song, you can be sure to make some Japanese friends:

Here are a few words that could be handy:

Hello – Konnichiwa

Thank you – Arigatougozaimasu (to be pronounced: arigatogozaimaaaaas)

Bye bye – Sayounara

Sorry – Gomen Nasai

You’re welcome – Dooitashimashite

Vegetarian – Bejitalian (yep, it’s literally the same word pronounced with a Japanese accent)

No meat – Niku nashi de

Fish – Sakana

Rice – Gohan

Cheers – Kanpai

Handsome – Ikemen (you now have no excuse not to flirt, ladies).

Cute – Kawaii (same goes to you, lads. Although, you can literally use this word for everything and anything because all things Japanese simple are, kawaii).

If you wanna sound really hip with the lingo then throw a “Yabai!” here and there. It multi-functionally translates to awesome/sick/oh shit!

So, long story short, the event will be promoting Japanese design, foods and artisanal products for us porteños to embrace in the sunshine on the terrace of the salón.

Where is it? Salón Sakura Hanami y Alto Hanami (Medrano 1230 – 1232)

When is it? Saturday 17th October from 1PM to 8PM

Is it free? Absolutely

Just don’t play with your chopsticks when you aren’t using them. It’s rude. I learned the hard way in Osaka.