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‘Drinkies’: Meet the New Bar Tours Hitting the BA Scene

Themed tours include G&T, vermouth and bourbon.

By | [email protected] | September 24, 2018 11:16am

DrinkiesDrinkies Tours (Photo by Gastón Santamarina)

I prepared for it all day long.

Lots of water, a bit of rest, some high tempo music to get pumped up on my way to the first stop. It promised to be a night to remember, an introductory class into the world of Vermouth one of the staples of old time Buenos Aires lifestyle that seems to be making a comeback nowadays.

The master of ceremonies would be Lucas Rothschild, one of those self described bartending nerds that are so damn passionate about their job that you can’t help but feeling drawn into it all. The night would include a tour through three bars, with drinks and munchies included, along with a truck load of interesting tidbits and trivia about Vermú (vermouth, as it’s been known in Spain and Argentina for decades) and bartending culture in general.

Drinkies is an initiative created by Agustina Canaparo and Laura de Tomaso that looks to “spread Argentine Cocktail culture through its bars and its ambassadors, the bartenders”. The Vermouth tour is just the most recent in a line of over 10 tours over the last couple of years, covering such drinks as the popular Negroni, Gin, Bourbon and many others.

On this occasion, the tour began at Café San Juan, the popular San Telmo restaurant made famous by Leandro “Lele” Cristobal in his reality style TV show in the Utilisima network a few years back. Since 2016, the restaurant created an exclusive vermú cantina in the opening hall of one of its shops (the one in Chile 474). From then, the group travelled to Los Galgos, a classic bar in Callao and Lavalle that has been around for over 80 years and finally reached Santos Vega, the first draught bar in Argentina, that offers a sophisticated system of cocktails on tap.

Santos Vega (Photo Via Pulso Cervecero)

Besides the obvious drinking and tasting (which were both delicious and generous, BTW), the activity is filled with all sorts of cool information, presented in a fun, laid back manner. I can now say I know a lot more about Vermú than I knew when I started, from the different variations that exist to the emotional link that Argentines seem to have with the drink. As Lucas put it, the first memories that people tend to have with this drink usually involve their grandparents and their houses, so nostalgia has a big part to do with all of this. It was definitely an insight into local idiosyncrasy, as well as a night out on the town, a combination that’s very rare to pull of, but Drinkies has it down to a formula.

Ariel Lomban, bartender from Los Galgos (Photo by Gastón Santamarina)

Future Drinkies events include Rum, Gin Tonic and Pisco, so keep an eye on their Instagram Account and make reservations in advance since they have a 17 person limit for each tour. The cost is currently around the $1400 mark and includes some really nice gifts at the end, such as the Cinzano bottle we all received on the Vermouth tour. The Argentine Cocktail scene is booming and Drinkies might just be the best ticket in town towards understanding it all from within, with a drink in hand to top it all of.

Negroni (Photo via Gastón Santamarina)