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‘Marx is Born’ at the Teatro Cervantes

By | [email protected] | April 2, 2018 9:00am

(Photo via WallpaperTag).

Has Capitalism got you down? Did Semana Santa interfere with overthrowing that damn bourgeoisie? Not to worry, the Teatro Cervantes is here to soothe all your revolutionary needs in a one-day, fun-filled Karl Marx extravaganza.

The father of Communism was born 200 years ago this month, and to celebrate this milestone birthday, the Teatro Cervantes has joined forces with those cool cats over at the Goethe Institute to provide a mind-boggling 12 hours of activities dedicated to capitalism’s favorite arch nemesis.

(Photo via Teatro Cervantes).

(Photo via Teatro Cervantes).


The Goethe Institute is a non-profit organization which promotes the study of German language and culture; they have organized this day to celebrate the 200th anniversary of one of the nation’s most celebrated thinkers, born in Trier, Germany in 1818.

The aim of this one-off production is to shed some light on the complexities of Marx’s writing. Throughout history, his arguments have been used to give authority to various movements, from the October Revolution to the reintroduction of capitalism and later the establishment of a central economy, all because ‘Marx said so.’ This day of lectures, theatrical interpretations, and discussion aims to communicate with certainty, for once and for all, what it was that he actually said.

Over the course of the day, writers, sociologists, historians, translators, editors, economists, philosophers, and political scientists will be highlighting, reading, and commenting on Marx’s writings in 45-minute sessions, looking at all facets of his oeuvre, from his references to Argentina and Latin America to his position on women, not to mention, of course, an examination of the Communist Manifesto.

Look, it

Look, it’s all the people in favor of Capitalism. (Photo via Teatro Cervantes).


It’s not all as intellectual and heavy-going as that. There’s more! Oh, there’s so much more. The organizers are taking Marx to the stage, in some revolutionary interpretations of his thought and writing that surely no one asked for. One particularly unusual production is Cerca de la Revolución, ‘an homage to Marx which combines a philosophical approach to some of his most fundamental topics with rock songs and Latin American music.’ The way that Marx always intended his work to be shown, obvi.

If that sounds far too upbeat to deal important matters such as freeing the proletariat from bourgeois exploitation, why not try the much more emo production of Acusmático Karl Marx, ‘a biographical journey constructed with texts from and about Marx in a completely dark room.’ This makes sense, after all: how many Marxists does it take to change a light bulb? None, the bulb contains within itself the seeds of its own revolution.

Happy bday Karl. (Photo via Marx200).

Happy bday Karl. (Photo via Marx200).


This all seems like a barrel of laughs, but sometimes all you want to do with your Saturday is settle down with snacks and binge-watch the latest series on Netflix. The Teatro Cervantes understands this urge, and so they are showing all 570 minutes (that’s 9 and a half hours folks) of German author Alexander Kluge’s cinematic essay News From Ideological Antiquity: Marx – Einstein – El Capital. Shown in six programs separated by intervals, it deals with the importance of Antiquity in Marxist thought through interviews with Germany’s leading thinkers. Just the thing to soothe those post-boliche blues.

If 12 hours of revolting against the chains of capitalism gets tiring, not to fear: the program states that there’s an open buffet throughout the day. Entry is free (obviously), so there’s no excuse to miss this most intense of birthday parties.

Saturday, April 7 | 10.30 AM – 11 PM | Free Entry | Teatro Cervantes | Libertad 815.