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Don’t Freak Out, But Pokémon Go Might Be Available In Argentina Tomorrow

By | [email protected] | July 22, 2016 11:08am


Life as we know it may come to an end tomorrow. Pokémon Go might start being available in Argentina. Don’t freak out.

Maybe you think I’m overselling it, but at the moment this article is being written, the hashtag #ArgentinaWantsPokemonGo is the trending topic in Argentina and a Facebook group called Pokémon Go Argentina already has more than 48,000 users. And that’s not even contemplating the possibility that if the hype for Pokémon Go in Argentina becomes anything like it is in the United States, soon enough we will also have the chance to hop on a van and go on Pokémon-hunting tours led by drivers who let you call them “Ash,” “Brook” and “Misty.”


The Bubble spoke with tech entrepreneur Joan Cwaik to find out how credible the rumors are. Cwaik said that even though neither Niantic, the software development company responsible for Pokémon Go, nor Nintendo have confirmed anything, it only makes sense for the app to arrive in Argentina: “It was first launched in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Then it was released in Europe’s most [market-relevant] countries and six days ago it was expanded to 26 more countries. It is only logical that they now bring it to this part of the Southern Hemisphere. They were waiting for it to be a success in Japan in order to launch it in Latin America.”

Joan Cwaik, photo via La Nación

Joan Cwaik, photo via La Nación

He went on to say that the rumors weren’t a result of a bunch of social media-happy Pokémon Go aficionados taking a break from their 3 AM cheetos munchies to try (and succeed)  in getting the country to freak out, but rather are the product of tech-specializing outlets validating them (meaning they provided technical evidence that supported the rumors). By this, Cwaik was making reference to an article published yesterday by Cultura Geek explaining that, according to a web that measures the performance of some popular games’ servers, there are new servers in different regions of the world, and Argentina is one of them.

“The well-known service of MMO Server Status shows various servers placed in countries where the game has already been released, with a series of servers in the right column marked as “Others,” in which eventually Pokémon Go will be stored. This column includes Brazil, Chile, Japan and Argentina, among others,” explains Geek Culture.

Photo via Cultura Geek.

Photo via Cultura Geek.

In conclusion, all indicators point to the fact that Pokémon Go will arrive in the country soon enough, whether that’s Saturday or shortly after. According to Cwaik, we’ll probably find out on Saturday at 9 AM, at which point we can possibly expect to see an army of hungover Argentines storm the App Store and Google Play. So, just in case Saturday is the day, I suggest you go buy some climbing gear, fill your canteen and start stretching those fingers.

If you don’t know what Pokémon Go is, congratulations on successfully living under a rock for the last 20 days. You can read this article by The Bubble’s Talia Samuelson to find out what’s this all about.