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Dream Job Alert: This Dog Walker Picks Up His Puppers in a Converted School Bus

León Dario Sipes is a professional trainer extremely dedicated to his craft.

By | [email protected] | October 15, 2019 10:08am

dog walker leonPhoto via Infobae

It’s no surprise that here at The Bubble we love dogs. From our weekly #DogsOfBA content on Instagram to any excuse we can find to share newsworthy updates about the doggie residents of Buenos Aires (and beyond), it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. Following this line of logic, then, it’s only reasonable for us to share the latest in all things cuatro patas that will warm your heart and lend a much-needed distraction from all the political and economic news otherwise clogging our feeds.

If you follow us on Twitter, you probably saw the video that started it all: a dog walker coming to pick up his canine clients in a converted school bus.

From there, it all kind of took on a life of its own. The Tweet in question – posted by fellow journalist @dpoliti and dog dad to Dawa – showcases the envy-inducing job of León Dario Sipes, dog walker and trainer extraordinaire. Every day, he makes the rounds from Parque Patricios through Almagro and Caballito all the way toward Agronomía, where the pups have a chance to run around and play in the fresh air. Each dog has its own seat – and seatbelt, because #safetyfirst – and basically there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for a chance to ride that bus every day alongside them.

León has since gone viral, with tens of thousands of RT’s and Likes making their way across the Twittersphere – and beyond. He’s been featured in local media outlets such as Infobae and even made his way across the Andes with a spot in ADN Chile. On Instagram, the paseador went from having a meager 500 followers to over 6,700 at the time this article was being written. And with quality content like this, I hope he makes it to well over 1M. Yes, those are customized doggie raincoats made by León specifically for his clients:

There’s no doubt that this guy *loves* his job and would do anything for these puppers. Which is why I think that Larreta should give him the key to the city? Or make him Mayor? Or rename Av. 9 de Julio to something like “Avenida Amigos Caninos”? Something subtle. I don’t know. Think about it.