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Die Informale: Berlin Meets Buenos Aires, and Beyond

A new creative hotspot, Buenos Aires is host to the new Übermut project

By | [email protected] | October 23, 2018 8:30am


Buenos Aires, both an international and global creative hotspot, has joined forces with Berlin and Hamburg to host yet another contemporary art movement across the capital, breaking the boundaries of conventional art and showcasing the creativity and revolutionary works of its artists. With a similar structure to that of Art Basel, and honoring its name, Die Informale (a product of the Übermut project) was founded on the essence of spontaneity, priding itself on the unconventional and the unanticipated to explore the realm of creativity and exceed its limits.

“Producing cultural spaces for cooperation, fueling civil society interchange, and daring the new” (The Übermut Project), Die Informale celebrates the informal and will take advantage of the free spaces and urban landscapes of Buenos Aires to host a variety of installations, talks and screenings.

Following a similar theme to the Banksy’s shredding at Sotheby’s last week, we will be left on the edge of our seats, astonished and anticipating the next event. As it says on its website:

Übermut is the buzz of inspiration.
A place of shifting boundaries.
The energy outside our comfort zones.
Übermut is the unexpected.
With unparalleled potential for experimentation.
A global stage for inspirational networks and culture. 


With the opening event held at the iconic Kavanagh building, guests were served mate-infused drinks while European visitors soaked up the atmosphere and grooved along to a German DJ, enjoying the combination and fusion of cultures. Guests were then drawn into several different rooms of Mónica Colmegna’s private residence and shown a preview of different video installations which will soon feature on some of the streets of Buenos Aires.

At the Kavanagh. Photo via Grupo Mass

Has this piqued your interest? Until the 27th of October, events will be occurring all over Buenos Aires. Check out and be sure to participate in the following events open to the public:

Thursday, October 25th – An Encounter with the Creative Spirit

An encounter of the creative spirit from neighborhoods such as San Telmo, St. Pauli or Kreuzberg, there will be a projection of videos and installations at Aram Döner Kebab followed by a musical performance by Jorge Crowe, Rosario Blefari, Tobe, Paul Speckmann, Carsten ‘Erobique’ Meyer, Ole Wulfers, Nevin Aladag, Die Tödliche Doris and Baltic Raw Org at Fábrica Perú.

Aram Döner Kebab, Perú 424 and Fabrica Perú, Perú 442, 2-11 PM

Friday, October 26th – La Ira de Dios (The Wrath of God)

An exhibition and open studio with artists from the “La Ira de Dios” project, located at cheLA, a renovated factory which has been converted into a space for artistic production and exploration. There will be installations and video projections, intercut with urban interventions.

cheLA, Iguazú 451, 6-10 PM

Lutz Henke, artistic direction of Die Informale. Photo via La Nación

Saturday, October 27th – The Grand Finale: The Bank at Night

A night performance and public screening of iconic videos from artists such as Julian Rosefeldt and Julian Charrière, which will be projected on the facade of the the Reconquista Palace, a building designed by English architects.

Reconquista Palace, Reconquista 46, 6-11 PM

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