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Dear Mayor Macri: Enough With The Pope

By | [email protected] | March 28, 2013 10:30pm


We get it, Mr. Mayor. You’re a Catholic and you’re ecstatic about having an Argentine as the head of the Holy See.

And we share your sentiment. Because despite his stance on progressive social causes that this website is strongly in favor of, such as marriage equality, birth control and atheism other stuff, having an Argentine leading an institution made up of 1.2 billion people is a big fucking deal. WE GET IT.

So yes, long live Pope Francis.

However, your profound infatuation with his Holiness is starting to make us, the non-profoundly infatuated with him, a little uncomfortable.

OK, so this country’s population is made up of mostly Catholics, but this isn’t a Catholic country. And even though the Constitution demands that the Government financially supports the Catholic Church, Catholicism isn’t its official religion. In fact, the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and there is clear separation of Church and State.

So I guess the PRO party’s street posters celebrating his election were acceptable. Then the City Government decided to hoist the Vatican flag in lieu of the Argentine flag at the Plaza de la República, which many could consider treasonous. I mean, can you imagine pulling that stunt in the US? Lucky for you, I don’t really care for patriotism.

The Obelisco right in front of it was also wrapped in yellow and white, which I found hilarious, considering that only seven years ago that white stone phallus was wrapped in a giant condom. Not sure the Catholic Church would approve of its official flagged being wrapped around what once functioned as the largest dick in the world.

Then came the announcement that the City Government was cancelling classes on the morning of the Pope’s inauguration so kids could stay home and indulge in a purple dress extravaganza. Kids went “Hurray!”. Catholic parents went “Hurray!”. Jewish, Muslim, Non-believers and miscellaneous parents went: “What the fuck?”.

Then your decision to decorate City Hall with the Vatican flag on the day of his inauguration, despite questionable, was maybe OK since City Hall is right across the street from the Metropolitan Cathedral, where devote followers channeled the Holy Spirit and pulled an all nighter as they awaited Pope Francis’ investiture with a vigil in front of the giant screens.

Then you flew to the Vatican to meet him in – even though you didn’t really have to, but whatevs, your money – and you stuttered when you shook his hand.

And now we have Pope Francis’ face plastered all over the Del Plata building on the 9 de Julio Av.

Who paid for that, Mr. Mayor? Were any of my tax pesos spent on that?

If I did, I sincerely hope that’s the last we see about the Pope, at least when it comes to me paying for it. That’s enough.

Oh, and I don’t forget that next month Argentine princess Máxima Zorreguieta is to be crowned Queen of the Netherlands. I better not be paying for any of that hoopla either.

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