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Scioli Reappears on Political Scene, Goes After Macri

Scioli blamed Cambiemos for the ongoing crisis, said Peronism is solution.

By | [email protected] | September 11, 2018 11:55pm

(Nicolás Aboaf)(Nicolás Aboaf)

Former presidential candidate Daniel Scioli reappeared in the public eye this week and used the spotlight to fire shots against the Macri administration, who he blames for the ongoing economic crisis.

“This situation was avoidable,” Scioli said on live television, before referring to his own campaign promises during his 2015 bid for presidency: “I previously conveyed that the way to solve Argentina’s impending problems was by following an agenda of development, not Macri’s adjustment path”.

“You cannot keep asking people to continue sacrificing”, because “people have nothing left to give,” the former Buenos Aires governor under the Kirchner administration added, referring  to the ongoing crisis in Argentina, which has affected many low income families, and Macri’s policies of austerity and economic adjustment.  

Scioli added that “the deterioration of purchasing power…and the increase in utilities” was especially detrimental to consumption in Argentina, which he described as “the heart of the country’s economy”.

Scioli went on to emphasize that, under Macri’s economic policies, Argentina’s “people feel disenchantment and uncertainty”, adding that “young people have little prospects of entering the workforce, and for housewives it is hell to manage a home.” On his part, meanwhile, Scioli assured that “he was closer than ever to Argentina’s citizens and the country’s problems”.

“From an institutional perspective, anybody who has run for president and lost by only one point has a responsibility to issue their opinion,” the former governor stated in reference to his critiques of Cambiemos.

At the same time, Scioli blamed Macri’s governing style for the current schism dividing Argentines, both within the ruling party of Cambiemos and the greater political apparatus, as well as society as a whole.

“The biggest divide is that of inequality, it is the schism that divides the richest from the poorest,” Scioli stated. He then added: “This government showed favoritism to certain sectors of the economy, such as mining and large soybean producers,” citing this phenomenon as one of the reasons behind a growing wealth divide in the country.

Scioli then presented Peronism as the best solution to fixing these issues, positioning it as a viable contender for next year’s election, adding that the party running against cambiemos “must provide an alternative” path for Argentines, “with the capacity for constructing a broad political popular alliance as Cambiemos has in the past”.