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Claudia Amaral, the 2004 Spanish World Scrabble Champion and three-time runner-up, likes to say that she was probably playing Scrabble in the womb.

Walking into her house, the entryway teems with relics of her fruitful competitive career. Amaral’s accomplishments in

One of the best things of Buenos Aires is just how many stuff there is to see in any given week. Take this week, for example. In the upcoming days there will be at least two new top-notch exhibits opening: …

Jewish food is having a moment. Whether it’s Zahav in Philadelphia, Mazel Tov in Budapest, or Federal Delicatessen in Auckland, the cuisine of my people has become trendy on a global scale. Buenos Aires, hip city that it is,

A city teeming with entrepreneurial energy and creative spirit, Buenos Aires is an apt fit for the coworking model. Perhaps unsurprisingly, coworking spaces have gained major traction: they offer an alternative to the expensive prospect of a small company making …

October promises to be a very busy month in Argentina, and not just because of the impending presidential elections taking place on the 27th. The seventh installment of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants will be announced on October 10th right …

Last week, something changed at the start of the 2019 Women’s World Cup. The Argentine women’s national team tied with Japan, the reigning sub-champion of the tournament. The team followed up this result with a very respectable 1-0 loss

If you watch the new Pedro Almodovar film Dolor y Gloria, in theaters now – and you should, it’s really good! – you’ll land upon a scene that many critics are calling the linchpin to the entire movie, featuring

What: The Bubble’s After Office event with a great view of the city!

When: Wednesday, June 19th at 7:30 PM

Where: The American Club of Buenos Aires – Viamonte 1133, Floor 10

How much: AR $400. You get a welcome …

Sixteen Candles. Madonna. Neon blue and pink eyeshadow. Listening to Eye of the Tiger on loop. Unleashing an entire can of hairspray into your hair. So were the 1980s of American youth culture… but what about Argentine youth?

In its …

Come one, come all to Hip Hop Cultura. No, seriously, everyone is welcome. For three years now, the Centro Cultural Recoleta has dedicated Saturday afternoons to the education and celebration of hip hop and its tangentially-related art forms. You’ll