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Cristina’s ‘I’m Back!’ Video Message is the Best Thing You’ll See This Week

By | [email protected] | November 18, 2013 8:42pm


Well that was unexpected. While most of the media and the population at large wondered today when it was that we would be seeing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner again, turns out she reappeared a lot faster than we thought.

A few minutes had passed after 7 pm, when Cristina’s Twitter account, which had remained inactive since October 4, suddenly came back to life with a simple salutation message and a link to a YouTube video (don’t click on it, the video is embedded below.)



The tweet obviously took everyone by surprise. It had been 48 days since she had to undergo brain surgery to have a blood clot removed from under her skull, and even though she had resumed her activities today, we were not expecting her to reappear so soon.

We all quickly clicked on that link. We didn’t know what awaited us on the other side, but we still decided to go down the rabbit hole. Our imagination ran wild. And yet, nothing could prepare us for what was coming next.

What follows is Cristina’s amazing “I’m back!” video message to the Argentine population shot by her daughter and filmmaker Florencia, and the most spectacular seven minutes in Argentine politics this year. It’s really hard to highlight what’s best about it. Her Recoleta-accent. Her nonchalant attitude towards the camera, as if she were just hosting a Tupperware meeting with her friends. The stuffed penguin. Simon the dog, who she brings onscreen so everyone can fall in love with him and starts chewing on her hair. Or just the fact that the entire video is a giant middle finger to her detractors, who hate it when she gets informal.

One thing is clear: no matter how you feel about Cristina, she knows how to make an entrance. This woman deserves a TV show. Not only she looks refreshed and happy to be back on her feet, she has also shocked many by wearing a white shirt under a black woolen jacket, which has driven people to think that after three long years, her mourning period may be finally over.

Welcome back, Cristina.

For better or for worse, we definitely missed your hijinx.