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Cristina’s Game of Thrones Twitter Rampage

By | [email protected] | April 29, 2013 1:08am


In what could be described as the best unintentional guerrilla marketing campaign ever, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner deviated from her usual anti-Clarín rhetoric to tweet about “Games of Thrones(sic) tonight.

That’s right, you guys. Cristina is cray cray about Winterfell and dragons. And every Sunday night at 10 PM, the lights of the Quinta de Olivos are dimmed and the smell of choripanes and popcorn invades the premises.

And apparently she’s such a fan that when a few months ago she met with DirectTV executives to discuss potential investments, she asked them for a copy of the third season, which hadn’t even begun airing yet. The DirecTV guys, which were probably too terrified to explain that HBO is a different company, assured her that “they didn’t have it” but that didn’t convince her.

Her response was a conspicuous “Hmmmmm…“, which prompted them to get her a free copy of the second season before she had them dismembered in the Casa Rosada basement. Or something.

Tonight, as she tweeted about her meeting with PRO party activist Pedro Robledo (who was attacked for being gay last month) she suddenly moved to discuss the HBO show, coincidentally on the same night it’s on.

Here are her tweets, with the appropriate English translation below:



“Pedro was fascinated by the fact that I’m a fan of “Games of Thrones” (sic). I love it. When the people from DirecTV came to see me to announce new investments I asked them if they could please get me the third season (which they are airing now). But they got me the CDs for Season Two (I had already seen it). They assured me that they don’t have the complete third season, that it’s not available, not even to them… hmmmmm! Game of Thrones. My favorite character? The Mother of Dragons. I’m sure she’ll choose Robb Stark. Or maybe Jon Snow? Do you think she’ll pick the older blonde guy who’s always by her side and is totally in love with her? Maybe. I haven’t read the books. Grace, a friend of mine, tells me they’re fantastic.”

My favorite part is when she says they got her some “CDs,” not DVDs. CDs, eh? Venturing into the captivating yet fraudulent underworld of online piracy, Madame President? Hmmm?

Just be careful when downloading stuff from The Pirate Bay. Lots of trojans in there.

Also, we wanna hear more about Grace.

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