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Cristina Still Hospitalized, Will Miss G20 Summit

By | [email protected] | November 6, 2014 9:29am


Looks like we won’t be having a new Cadena Nacional any time soon.

After being diagnosed with sigmoiditis yesterday (and infection of the sigmoid colon), the President’s medical team issued a press release saying that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner would remain hospitalized in the Otamendi Clinic and that even after she’s released she will have to rest for at least ten days at the Olivos Presidential Residence.

Doctors said that Cristina is “stable” and that she remains under an “intravenous antibiotic treatment”.

The President will also be missing the G20 Summit, scheduled to take place on the 15 and 16 of November in Brisbane, Australia. She will be replaced by Economy Minister Axel Kicillof and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman.

I guess those of you waiting for a showdown between her and Barack Obama over the vulture funds crisis will have to wait some time.

Cristina was checked into the Otamendi on Sunday night for treatment of an “infectious fever”, which after additional tests enabled the doctors to diagnose her with sigmoiditis.

Oh, and stop the “she has Ebola” jokes on Twitter. They are not funny. Not only they are in poor taste, they are also predictable.