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Cristina-Size Me: The INDEC Diet, Day 4

By | [email protected] | November 6, 2014 8:49pm


Day 4 has arrived, and I’m starting to waver. I walked past a juicy Shawarma takeaway on my way home last night, and I almost let my demons take control, “just one Cordero Shawarma never hurt anyone” I heard them whisper, “who would even know, especially if you slipped a little agridulce sauce on it”, they continued. But I pulled through. It did, however, raise the interesting thought; that those who are actually living on the breadline in Buenos Aires, are constantly faced with these taunts and temptations, with exciting cuisine advertised all over the city just out of reach. Is 10 pesos a day enough to vanquish these provocations? I doubt it.

photo 2 (1)Day 4:

Corned beef: 3.49

770 grams Potatoes: 4.40

Bread: 2.20

Total: 10.09


Today I’ve decided, being in Argentina after all, that I should indulge in some carne. Needless to say, my 10 pesos budget doesn’t allow for a delectable slab of Lomo, so I’ve settled for, umm, the next best thing? Corned beef. Not exactly equal to an unadulterated chunk of nutritious cow, but instead a processed slop of modified giblets. One plus point: it spreads conveniently over a lump of bread, making it the perfect breakfast accompaniment for a food that is playing an increasingly vital roll in my week.

photo 3

Now, I’d never actually tried corned beef before, and by the looks of things for good reason, as it turns out it is horrible. Nothing more than a remnant of its naturally formed cousin, just a pulp of fleshy pink matter, and an utterly disappointing attempt at satiating a craving for meat.


Unfortunately, whilst chasing a dream, I’ve put most of my gastronomic eggs in the corned beef basket today, resulting in corned beef and bread for lunch as well. So far it has been a day tormented by disappointment, with a palette screaming for a mere memory of satisfaction.


And just when you thought my gastronomic day couldn’t get anymore exotic, a pile of muddy potatoes lands graciously on my lap. In the absence of both salt and oil, I’ve attempted to extract some sort of excitementphoto 4 from this most humble of ingredient by cutting them into discs, part-boiling them, and then dry-frying them. This process resulted in a little burning, which, if anything, enhanced the flavor. But, in a stroke of luck I still had a little onion left over from yesterday, so I slapped that on top. Uhm, I can hear you salivating at the mere thought of it, but don’t worry, the uncensored truth lies just below.

Cooking Rating: 2/10

So, with the last day on the horizon, I’m left with a couple of potatoes, a small portion of corned beef, and half a pepper. I’m happy with that haul, and feel as if I can spice up my menu tomorrow, as a result. Of course, today’s culinary exploits have been disastrous, so it can only get better.