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Cristina: ‘We’re Fulfilling Néstor’s Promise’

By | [email protected] | October 25, 2015 2:31pm


Cristina Fernández de Kirchner cast her vote for the last time as Argentine President at a Catholic school in Río Gallegos just after midday today, wending her way through the forest of camera phones lining her path ahead of the voting booth.

Exuding confidence and tranquility, she joked with the local authorities who politely requested she present her DNI just in case she turned out to be an impostor. Then, naturally, there was time for more selfies with the Santa Cruz Province faithful.

On casting her vote, she speculated about life after the presidency, which she will leave on December 10th as the new President, whoever that may be, is sworn in.

“After December, I’m going to be more of an activist,”

she told the nation’s gathered media after placing her vote delicately in the urn and patting it happily home.

“I feel that this time, this election, is special. We are fulfilling a promise that [former President and husband Néstor Kirchner] made on May 25, 2003, a Santa Cruz native, that he would build a normal country. And the truth is that today we are voting in a normal country,” she said.

As one half of a presidential dynasty at least as influential to Argentina as the Kennedys, Bushes or indeed Clintons are to the US, Cristina said that the era of Kirchnerism had returned Argentina to the global stage from the crisis it had inherited from a neoliberal model in 2003.

After having lunch with her family in the province, she was set to travel back into the fray of Buenos Aires with Vice Presidential candidate Carlos Zannini to watch the night’s action unfold in hope and expectation of another FpV victory.

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