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Getting Creative in Buenos Aires, Vol. II

Release your inner child and get creative this summer season.

By | [email protected] | October 22, 2018 3:59pm


Adulthood. A stage in life which no sane human being wants to really enter. A world of responsibility, paying bills, booking your own appointments, saying goodbye to long summer holidays. An episode where our creativity is thrown out of the window and all we have left is to sit at our desk from 9-5 in order to eat, sleep, and work again the next morning.

But is this all just a mentality? Can adults continue to thrive off their 10-year-old selves, off the artistic talent that they used to be so proud of at school? We at The Bubble definitely think so and we’re keen on putting together guides to what we consider to be the some of the best workshops around, including everything from life art drawing to pottery classes.

A few months back we did the first installment but since this city changes quicker than you can say papier-mâché, we’ve decided to go with a sequel. So release your inner-child, switch off the clock, and let’s get creative.

Pottery at Fango Taller de Alfarería

With an abundance of 5* ratings, Fango Taller de Alfarería is renowned for offering an incredibly unique pottery experience, with highly experienced teachers and an attention to detail that is hard to match. Kitted out with all of the best equipment in a light and spacious room, it’s an excellent way to wind down from a busy day at work and put your mind to something else. From designing and moulding your pot, to glazing and painting it, each individual is offered their own station, with a constant supply of mate and biscuits circling the table.

Offering classes throughout the year, it’s an activity which you can pick up and put down whenever you please, and their professional teachers are able to guide you into creating a piece that’s ideal for your kitchen table. For more information, or to book a class, send them a direct email to [email protected] and get your creative juices flowing!

Fango Taller de Alfarería | Gurruchaga 1916 | Monday – Saturday | 4831-9168 | Facebook

Live Art Drawing with Jam de Dibujo

With monthly events at Santos 4040 and Club Cultural Matienzo, Jam de Dibujo are offering affordable live art drawing sessions (AR $140) accompanied by live jazz. With doors opening at 9:30 PM and kick off at 10, it’s the perfect place to come and enjoy the pleasure of art while listening to some great music by local performers. The session’s lively and laid-back ambience means that no work is better than the next, so whether this is your 1st or 100th time doing live drawing, everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Make sure you follow their Facebook Page to keep up to date with everything you need to know for the upcoming events and be sure to spread the word – the more the merrier! The next event will be held at Matienzo on October 28th, so be sure to book your tickets here to avoid paying a bit extra on the door.

Note: Make sure you bring your own materials, as they are not provided at the event.

Cultural Club Matienzo | Pringles 1249 | 6610-1520 & Santos 4040 | Santos Dumont 4040 | [email protected]

Drawing and Painting with Juan Reos

Photo via Juan Reos Taller

Open to both teenagers and adults with any level of experience, Juan Reo’s classes provide insight into the world of painting and drawing, exploring the different technical and aesthetic techniques and applying them to your work to help distinguish your own style. From the study of artistic movements to the understanding of the history of art to getting your hands dirty and giving it a go, there isn’t anything that Reos misses – you really do get your money’s worth. He even organizes excursions to museums and exhibitions around Buenos Aires, as well as still live classes and other activities.

Private tutor meetings are also available to get 1:1 feedback, especially useful for those of you who are looking to improve quickly. They last either 45 minutes or 2 hours, but it’s important to be in contact with Reos directly to book an appointment.

The workshops run on Mondays (6-9 PM), Tuesdays (10 AM-1 PM, 2-5 PM) and Wednesdays (6-9 PM) every week at a fixed price of AR $300, with private appointments at AR $500. Make sure you bring your own materials, as they will not be provided.

Tip: Send Reos an email in advance to guarantee yourself a spot.

Juan Reos Taller | Facebook | Vuelta de Obligado 3296 | [email protected] 

Graffiti Stencil Workshops with Graffitimundo

With an explosion of graffiti from the activist movement White Walls say Nothing following the 2001 economic crash, graffiti is to this day a very prominent part of the city, lining the streets and dominating the Buenos Aires’ art scene. Therefore, it seems appropriate that Graffitimundo (the experts) offer stencil workshops, one of the most commonly used forms of graffiti in the city.

Photo via Graffitimundo

Lasting four hours and organized on request, the workshops include a brief history to Argentine street art, as well as lessons and guidance from some of the most experienced artists in the industry. You leave with a deeper understanding of how graffiti is used as a method of liberation and expression, as well as the possibility of trying some of the techniques yourself.

Held at the Galería UNION in Palermo, you can either go as an individual or in a group, but be sure to contact [email protected] to arrange a class.

Graffitimundo | Galeria UNION, Palermo | 15 3683 3219

Photography at the Escuela de Fotografía Motivarte

Dedicated to people who want to express themselves and their interests through their lenses, Motivarte offers workshops and courses to everyone from beginners to those more advanced. Encouraging their students to connect with their creativity, and teaching them the most important skills and concepts in the world of photography and editing, not only leaves their students eager to get out onto the streets start snapping away, but also trains their eye for detail.

During the workshops, students will learn how to operate a digital camera, along with experimenting with different types of creative lighting, lenses and filters. The next workshops are running from November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on both Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM-6 PM, so make sure you free up your weekend and pencil it in! To find out more and book up a lesson, click here.

Photo via Escuela Moviarte

Escuela Moviarte | Malabia 1141 | [email protected]  | 4773-1818