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Graphic: LatAm taking over COVID-19 death figures

From The Essential

By | [email protected] | September 7, 2020 4:53am

Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Lima

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First, the focus was on China. Then, it moved onto Europe. Now, the center of the COVID-19 pandemic is in Latin America, which is moving up in all the wrong charts as the disease spreads out of control in most countries of the region.

Despite holding one of the strictest lockdowns in the world for almost six months, Peru has now surpassed Belgium as the country with more reported deaths per capita in the world. And the rest of the region is also rising, with 8 Latin American countries now in the world’s top 15 in terms of deaths per capita (small nations with less than 100,000 inhabitants were excluded from the original dataset). If North America is also included, the sustained rise also seen in the US would take that total up to 9.

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