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Could Tevez Leave Boca And Become The World’s Highest-Paid Footballer?

By | [email protected] | November 22, 2016 7:36pm


Having returned to Boca Juniors after a lucrative career in Europe at Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus, it would seem that Carlos Tevez has his heart set on seeing out the rest of his playing days in the Bombonera. But reports around the world over the past few days have claimed that the beloved Boca striker has received an offer from an unnamed Chinese club that would make him the highest paid footballer in the world.

The offer coming in from China is a staggering $42.5 million USD per year. Yep – you read that right, it’s not a typo. Let’s break that down a bit. Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale recently signed new record-breaking contracts with Real Madrid, with the pair set to earn $23.5 and $22.5 million USD per year respectively. So the deal currently on the table for 32-year-old Tevez is almost worth double the world-record contracts of the top players in world football at the moment. Madness, utter madness.

The breakdown of the contract offer:

  • $42.5 million USD a year
  • $3.54 million USD a month
  • $817,308 USD a week
  • $116,438 USD a day
  • $4,852 USD a hour
  • $80.86 USD a minute
  • $1.35 USD a second

It was reported back in February that Carlitos turned down an offer from Chinese Super League club Shanghai SIPG. Back then, Tevez was offered around $24 million USD per year, which, though still an absolutely ludicrous sum of money, pales in comparison to the contract currently on the table. No matter how loyal Tevez is to the Buenos Aires club, there’s no player in the world who wouldn’t consider signing a deal that would see him paid 80 dollars per minute.

Will he leave or will he stay? Well, this past Sunday after Boca’s draw with Rosario Central “El Apache” said that he would see out his current contract with Boca, which runs until 2018, before reconsidering his future. But you couldn’t really hold it against Tevez if he did decide to move to China despite his proclaimed allegiances to Boca. Put yourself in his shoes. Almost 33-years-old, your international career and the best of your playing days seemingly over, would you really turn down the opportunity to earn almost twice as much as any player in the history of the sport.