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Could ‘Centro Cultural Kirchner’ Be Getting A Name Change?

By | [email protected] | July 6, 2016 6:30pm


Plans are in the works to rename the Kirchner Cultural Center with several politicians arguing that it is too early to appropriately name the cultural center after the former president in light of the ethical and legal questions that have arisen recently.

The head of the Federal System of Media and Public Content, Hernán Lombardi, shared his opinion on the matter a mere couple of days after President Mauricio Macri won the election in 2015. Lombardi is of the belief that the cultural center cannot be named after former President Néstor Kirchner because legislation stipulates that at least ten years must go by before naming a monument, school or institution in honor of a person who passed away.

One of the most avid supporters of this change is Radical Civic Union deputy, Miguel Nanni, who suggested a project to rename the center the ‘Argentine Bicentennial Cultural Center’. According to infobae, Nanni stated that “it is not appropriate that a name that evokes so much passion and resistance is used is such a way”. Nanni went on to say: “I presented my project last week and my argument is not just limited to the recent corruption accusations, but also because some time is needed to accurately assess a person’s character.” The proposal has now been turned into an official bill.

The museum was inaugurated on May 25th, 2015, transforming the historical Palacio de Correos building into the cultural and artistic epicenter of Buenos Aires. The renaming is yet another moment of the (not so subtly termed) ‘de-Kirchnerization’, a phenomenon that has been taking place over the last few months. So much so in fact, that the term now even has a social media following, where its advocates and opponents are using its Twitter hashtag to keep the conversation going.

Another good example of the process of “de-Kirchnerization” can be seen with the previous administration’s Bicentennial Museum, which is set to reopen under the name of “The Casa Rosada Museum” on Thursday. The Macri administration decided to rename the museum, as well as giving it a stylistic and a slight political facelift – namely by lessening the presence of items related to the Kirchners’ political tenures.