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Coronavirus News Roundup: March 30th

Daily Updates of COVID-19 in Argentina

By | [email protected] | March 30, 2020 10:33pm


Every evening we at The Bubble pick a few stories in the Argentine media related to the coronavirus outbreak and write a quick summary so you have some idea of what’s happened.

New cases registered today: 146

Total number of cases in Argentina: 966

Total deaths so far: 24

Coronavirus in Argentina: 146 new cases, total number of cases now 966 (La Nación)

  • Argentina reported the death of a 68-year-old woman from the Neuquén Province on Monday morning, increasing the national mortality count to 24
  • Additionally, the number of reported cases around the country has risen to 966 total, with all of the country’s provinces, with the exceptions of Chubut and Formosa, now reporting confirmed cases
  • Of these cases, it is reported that 228 people have recovered from the virus 
  • These numbers come after President Fernández’s announcement on Sunday of an extension to the mandatory quarantine, now implemented through April 12th

Banks Seeing Increase in Bounced Checks (La Nación)

  • On Monday, banks reported a stark increase in bounced checks received by, tying the rise to the lack of economic activity during the quarantine
  • Banks note that typically about 2 percent of all checks are rejected, but that this number has grown to almost 20 percent in recent days
  • However, only about 5 percent of such checks are said to have been rejected for “lack of funds” while the remaining 15 percent for reasons related to company closures

Increase in Arrests over Non-compliance with Quarantine (Buenos Aires Times)

  • Despite the government’s extension of the mandatory quarantine, the number of people cited for not complying with the strict rules by security forces grew exponentially in recent days
  • As of Friday, the government reported that Federal and City police forces had arrested 6,341 individuals and apprehended over 200,000
  • In response, President Fernández warned of heightened supervision and tighter controls if the trend continues 

False Information Regarding Virus Leading to Additional Deaths (Infobae)

  • Adding to the number deaths caused by the Coronavirus itself, scientists around the world have strongly denounced the false information regarding it’s cures — with hundreds of people dying as a result of dangerous concoctions promoted as curative 
  • Scientists warn of the spread of such false reporting through popular messaging sites and social media, urging to solely follow the guidelines of medical professionals
  • These warnings come after the deaths of more than 300 Iranian citizens due to the consumption of methanol — a substance that was falsely reported as helping cure the virus on the internet 

Implementation of New Traffic Permits Beginning Wednesday (Infobae)

  • Starting Wednesday, the national government plans to officially initiate requirements for a new traffic permits around Argentina for people who are allowed to leave their homes despite the quarantine
  • These new permits, issued by the Ministry of the Interior, will replace those issued by the city of Buenos Aires, serving as the only valid permits for traffic circulation 
  • Authorities claim that enforcement will be more lenient during initial days, but will grow stricter as time progresses

Recipients of the Universal Child Allowance and Universal Pregnancy Allocation to Receive Emergency Family Income First (Infobae)

  • On Monday, the leader of ANSES, Alejandro Vanoli, announced that the recipients of the Universal Child Allowance and Universal Pregnancy Allocation will be the first to collect the Emergency Family Income from the government, a bonus of AR $10,000 
  • Though the government has yet to finish registration for this program, Vanoli announced that the expects families to receive funds by next Friday
  • Vanoli states that the remainder of those who qualify should still expect to collect the bonus by April 15th

Government Adviser Explains Probable Exit Steps from Quarantine (Infobae)

  • Angela Gentile, one of the medical experts advising government procedure during the Coronavirus outbreak, announced on Monday that any exit from the mandatory quarantine will require multiple stages of exit — not an immediate return to typical procedures 
  • As such, Gentile emphasized that the quarantine will not last until the country has reduced the number of COVID-19 cases to zero, but merely until the number of new cases in the country begins to plateau 
  • However, Gentile urges that the quarantine is necessary to allow the system to prevent being overwhelmed by cases and ultimately diminish the caseload