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Copa Libertadores Final to be Played in Madrid

The final will be played on December 9th pending CONMEBOL confirmation

By | [email protected] | November 29, 2018 2:46pm

bernabeuReal Madrid's home turf looks to be the likely arena for the final showdown between River and Boca (Photo: Wikipedia)

Since last weekend’s cancellation of the Final to end all Finals, Boca Juniors and River Plate are fighting it out in South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) court in order to see where and when the game will be played. CONMEBOL did not want to leave the continent and had previously suggested other country alternatives such as Medellin, while FIFA was looking at more distant locations like Miami or Abu Dhabi as it made it known it did not want the final to take place in Argentina after the fiasco that took place in Buenos Aires.

After much insistence by part of River Plate for the Monumental, and reluctance on part of FIFA, the game is to be played at the Santiago Bernabèu Stadium, the home of Real Madrid on December 9th at 4:30 ARG time (8:30 PM local time). Negotiations took place earlier this week and a memorandum of understanding was signed among all parties involved, including the Champions League (UEFA) and the Royal Spanish Federation of Soccer (RFEF), and the Real Madrid team itself. Officially, the showdown is lacking one final green light: the final approval in CONMEBOL discipline court which is expected later this afternoon.

If confirmed, the stadium will be the first to host the World Cup final, Euros Final, Champions League, and Copa Libertadores final. BWIN, a Real Madrid sponsor, has already tweeted regarding the event.

The one thing Madrid has going for it? Aside from the massive Argentine population already living in the city, its airport has the largest amount of flight connections with Latin American countries. This would help facilitate the trip should any die-hard fan want to visit Spain this time of year.